• August 6th, 2020

APP unleashes pro-youth manifesto

Victoria Kaapanda

ONDANGWA – The All People’s Party says it will place a huge premium on promoting youth programmes as well as addressing perenial problems in education if elected into power. 

“There shall be no schools and education conducted under trees or tents.  The issue of classroom shortage will be dealt with within three years. Our central focus shall be on the youth, with the view of urgently tackling unemployment and radically developing our society.”

These are just some of the electoral promises made by the opposition party during its rally in Ondangwa at the weekend.

The party’s vice-president Nangolo Shuumbwa, who was the main speaker of the day, read the doccument as he launched the party election manifesto and the commencement of APP election campaign.
Shuumbwa said should Namibia vote APP into power, the party will ensure a countrywide establishment of adequate and proper infrastructure for public schools and there will be continuous maintenance to such facilities. 

“We will write off all existing student debts owed to NSFAF by both former and current students and ensure the reformation of NSFAF to focus on efficient student funding activities,” said Shuumbwa.
The party further promised to transform the entertainment and recreation industry which will contain a wide range of establishments and facilities that will provide patrons with cultural, entertainment or recreational services. 

In its manifesto, it’s also stated that they will take speedy actions to do away with squatter camps around all towns countrywide. 

“We will build apartments and other types of affordable shelters to replace the squatter camps scattered across our towns,” Shuumbwa added.

The party said it will also encourage workplaces such as mines, the military police, prison services and the private sector to promote entertainment activities at their institutions.
Angelina Immanuel, an “independent candidate” who also attended the launch, explained to the youth their rights to vote the party of their choice.

“I m not an APP member, I am an independent candidate, do not get it wrong. Make a right choice for you and for others,” said  Immanuel.

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