• September 28th, 2020

AR appoints Amunime as spokesperson

The Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement this week named current Student Union of Namibia (SUN) president Simon Kanepolo Amunime as its spokesperson with immediate effect.
 “The movement has grown significantly and this growth demands a lot from our pioneering activists thus Amunime appointment,” said AR activist-in-chief Job Amupanda said.

“It is in response to this growth that the AR movement is now embarking on a journey to re-organise, institutionalise and formalise the movement in order to increase its capacity to better respond to the needs of the dejected masses of our people.”
According to Amupanda, Amunime has been an activist of the movement since his early years at university attending major protest actions, conferences and workshops and addressing the masses at public gatherings. 

 “Activist Kanepolo is a formidable force of our movement who will surely excel in his revolutionary task, which we admit will not be easy. We believe that he will succeed because he knows our movement very well and has been prepared,” he said.
 He said a team of AR pioneering activists have been assigned to work with him only for two weeks. 
Amunime holds a Bachelor of Information System, Bachelor (honours) in Information System and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in leadership at the International University of Management. 

 “In activist Kanepolo, we have a black diamond that will shine,” Amupanda said. 
Amupanda said Amunime will lead the information, communication and publicity strategy team of the movement. 
“As from today, the official position of the AR movement will be communicated through and by activist Kanepolo,” he said. 
“We call on media houses and journalists to work well with activist Kanepolo as they have done with other activists who have been speaking on behalf of the movement over the years.”

Staff Reporter
2020-09-17 09:54:38 | 11 days ago

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