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Art and Culture Festival at Coast

2005-12-05  Staff Report 2

Art and Culture Festival at Coast
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"By Frederick Philander A MUCH needed multi-discipline art and culture festival is planned for the weekend of December 9-10 at the Kuisebmund Stadium at Walvis Bay. This was announced in an interview with Johannes Shikulo, regional organiser of the Oruuano Artists Union in the harbour town. ""Coastal artists are excited about the many prospects the festival is affording them for the first time. They are also keen to showcase and exhibit their crafts and creative works at the festival,"" said Shikulo. Though only limited to Walvis Bay artists, others have also been invited to take part from Swakopmund. ""The aim of the festival is to provide local artists with a platform to sell their creative works in an organised and sustainable manner and way, especially to foreign tourists visiting the town. It also affords them the opportunity to improve their social and economic standards and status in a fashion acceptable to all,"" he said. In his opinion, artists around the country should accept collective responsibility for their own destiny. ""We need to work closer together to achieve maximum success, if we are to survive. In this the Municipality of Walvis Bay is strongly supporting this event in the form of free power supply, the venue and transport to all artists. ""The profits made over these two days will be used to start a local artists' fund to assist them in short term needs. ""In this we work directly through the mayor's office at the town,"" Shikulo said confidently. According to him, the programme caters for various fun-filled events in which the public can also participate. ""We for instance will stage a mixed soccer match of artists as well as a formal soccer match between Blue Waters and Eleven Arrows as the highlight of the festival."""
2005-12-05  Staff Report 2

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