• August 14th, 2020

Artisans unable to attend hands-on training

RUNDU – The Rundu Vocational Training Centre (RVTC), one of the country’s top technical training centres is unable to send its students for practical training.

This is because the trainees have not done assessments for May/June exams due to Covid-19.
RVTC only sends those that pass and qualify for attachment to industries for practical training.
“The biggest challenge is our stakeholders where we send our trainees for attachments, are stranded because trainees that were there are now back at school and we were supposed to send out the next group, but we can’t,” explained the RVTC liaison officer Milton Mwiya.
“Since Covid-19 surfaced, we could not undertake assessments in May/June and there were no exams due to Covid-19 lockdowns. Usually May or June is the time for exams and when results come out in July, we send them for attachments but now they will only write their exams in November, so now there are no trainees to send to companies,” Mwiya added.

According to Mwiya, the demand is being received from industries. “Companies want us to send them some trainees since those who were out are now back at school, they completed their attachments and now we have no replacements that’s the crisis we have,” he noted.
Trainees started on 8 June with the second semester, the group that was on attachment only registered last week and are now in full swing with training.

When New Era visited the centre on Friday, Mwiya said despite writing the May/June exams, the centre resumed with training following Covid-19 regulations and guidelines. 

“We prepared before the trainees came back, we divided the classes and demarcated spaces to keep the 1.5 metre distance in all our classes and workshops and we grouped trainees into two groups for each class and ensured that we bought enough hand sanitisers for every building, class and every workshop,” he said. 

The centre has also stepped up awareness and pasted awareness posters with precautionary information on Covid-19, so that both staff and trainees and instructors are well-informed.
“We asked our trainees to come with masks when they started while we were preparing to get them masks.Now we gave them a mask each so that they can at least have a pair of masks,” Mwiya said.

Currently, RVTC have 421 trainees in different trades or groups. “When it comes to training, it is going well but the challenge of dividing trainees into groups has brought delays.” 
RVTC is doing training in administration, auto mechanic, auto electric, boiler making, bricklaying, electrical general, joinery and cabinet making.
There is also two agriculture trades, which are horticulture and animal husbandry and farm machineries and infrastructure.
– jmuyamba@nepc.com.na

John Muyamba
2020-07-15 09:50:17 | 30 days ago


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