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Artists vs promoters vs Gazza vs artists

2021-05-28  Staff Reporter

Artists vs promoters vs Gazza vs artists
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I have been keeping tabs on the drama that unfolded over the last two weeks involving Gazza, Namibian promoters and other artists. I find it super weird that other artists chose to criticise Gazza for opening up about dodgy promoters. 

The point being that Gazza should be the last person to complain about getting negotiated by promoters, because he always gets his full cheque on time. Also, he’s been silent on the issue while for years, other artists have been complaining about dodgy promoters. I think we are looking at a classic case of a missed opportunity here. This was probably the one opportunity Namibian musicians had to actually unite.

Yes, there’s always been chatter about uniting. But this cause was really a lost cause without the full backing of the so-called “Big 6” (Gazza, King Tee Dee, Oteya, Sally, Big Ben and Tate Buti), who never really came to the table to unite with the rest of the artists on various issues affecting their industry. 

So instead of making use of this opportunity, many artists chose to rather redirect their frustrations at Gazza. Methinks..this was rather unfortunate. 

However, to be excruciatingly honest, Gazza has earned his right to criticise promoters at HIS own pace. Gazza has earned the right to pick and choose his battles. 

How has he earned that right? The man has been consistent! The man has dropped albums that had this whole country singing along for the last 15 years! The man probably has the biggest musical brand in the country! 

If Gazza felt the need to address the issue NOW as opposed to five years ago, three years or last f**king what?! Perhaps this was his first time experiencing a dodgy promoter? 

Criticising Gazza for only speaking up ‘now’ against dodgy promoters is stupid and stinks of misplaced jealousy. It makes no sense. We all have our own pace according to our said experiences. 

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM

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2021-05-28  Staff Reporter

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