• February 21st, 2020

Ashwyn delivers on ‘Bantu-Boy Blooming’

 Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK –On a night of poetry and music last weekend, Zimbabwean-born singer, poet, actor and artist Ashwyn Mberi rocked his show ‘Bantu-boy blooming’ and impressed the audience with his unique sound with great artistic traits.

The performe,r who was featured by Namibian psychological counsellor and poet Beauty Boois, Keith Vries and the vocalist, Vitore Kaonjua who also added an African flavour to complement the purpose of the show.
Speaking to Entertainment Now! Mberi said he hosted ‘Bantu-Boy Blooming’ to tell a story about his own life through music and poetry and share it with the Namibian and Zimbabwean audiences and show people that life has not been easy as he is just like a flower that grows from a seed and bloomed.

The audience in attendance connected with Mberi, as he delved into his creative space telling them short amusing pieces about his life. The jack of all trade switched up his performance by singing, rapping and reciting poetry, making his show a one-stop-shop for a memorable experience.

During his set, Mberi also touched on a heart-breaking subject about a fellow Zimbabwean who lost his life during a routine stop gone wrong where an NDF soldier gunned down Fambauone Black.
The multi-talented Mberi said he is always motivated by black people and that is what motivated the show as well.

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