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At home with Ryan Simasiku Nyambe - Benevolent and charismatic Ryan

2021-05-21  Paheja Siririka

At home with Ryan Simasiku Nyambe - Benevolent and charismatic Ryan
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Besides being a top professional footballer and mentor to upcoming footballers, Ryan Simasiku Nyambe is benevolent, calm and charismatic, and carries himself with poise.

He plays as a defender for Blackburn Rovers in England and the Namibia national team. Nyambe moved to England as a child and signed for Blackburn Rovers’ academy at the age of 13. He signed his first contract aged 17.


Nyambe has unconditional love for Namibia and his family. 

“I am big on family. What I miss most about Namibia is my family, the vibes I get, nothing can compare to it.”

 He has a ‘big’ family with siblings in England and a younger brother in Namibia, whom he adores.

 Nyambe’s zealous aunt, Bernadette Nyambe, said the football star couldn’t sit at one place for long when he was young. “His level of energy as a young boy was unmatched, and imagine I had four boys but he was the quietest, yet energetic normal boy,” she told VIBEZ!

 He went to the UK with his mother and keeps coming home. 

“I am always happy to see him because he hasn’t changed. It’s still that same old Ryan I knew; just a loving, matured man now,” related Bernadette. 


 Food and drink 

His favourite food is Carbonara, an Italian pasta dish.

 “I can only cook when there is a recipe in front of me. My favourite drink would be Appletiser,” said the budding defender.


 Wedding bells

Nyambe proposed to his long-term girlfriend Sidumi Ndhlela from Zimbabwe on 21 February 2021.

“I have known her since I was 16 years old and we got together three years after that. She likes pink a lot and she is a beautiful gifted interior designer. We met in church in the UK.”

He told VIBEZ! the wedding jitters have settled for now as he prepares to make terms with the biggest decision of his life - walking down the aisle with the love of his life. Nyambe hinted that wedding ceremonies are planned for Europe and Africa on dates yet to be shared.


Nyambe said starting a fashion line is something he has been thinking of for a while until he made it a reality because he loves fashion and likes dressing up. 

“I like to look good so I thought let me create something that I can put out there and if it is something I can wear, then people would too. The colours of the kits have a different meaning - purple is meant for luxury, others are to stand out and look good.”  Juggling between the trades is something he does with ease. With football, the training is usually in the mornings and by 14h00, he goes home and does other things, including designing for his label.

Nyambe said if he was not a footballer, he would be into fashion or something that has to do with sport.


Nyambe is in his third year, doing a degree in sports science in the UK.

“I wanted to start my academic career while I am still playing football and when I finish that, I will pursue a master’s [degree] in a field I am comfortable with.” 

 Covid-19 in Europe

“During the lockdown and amid this pandemic, you have no other choice but to limit your movement and do away with certain activities, and you start to think of things you need to do; brainstorm. It opens doors to things you think you didn’t know you can do. I think Covid-19 has been quite good when it comes to self-reflection but has its fair share of disadvantages, and has affected [some] people mentally. 

But for me, it hasn’t been that bad.

 “During these tough and trying times, people shouldn’t think they are alone. There are people in the same situation whom you can get advice from, and you don’t need to be embarrassed to ask for help.”

 The Nyambe Mantra

Helping people comes naturally for Nyambe, who has embarked on a project of buying boots in England and distributing it to young soccer enthusiasts in Namibia. “Everyone in this world has gotten help from someone to get to where they are. I got to England because of my mother and got through the football academy because of the assistance from people. You need to help people; that’s what you need to do.”


Nyambe was born in Katima Mulilo on 4 December 1997.

He has a one-year-old male French bulldog named Huncho.

His favourite colour is black.

Nyambe used to do choreography in school.

2021-05-21  Paheja Siririka

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