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Home / At home with Coleen Hedwig Tjikune - Chikune’s passion for music and medicine

At home with Coleen Hedwig Tjikune - Chikune’s passion for music and medicine

2021-04-16  Paheja Siririka

At home with Coleen Hedwig Tjikune - Chikune’s passion for music and medicine
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Afro-Jazz sensation Coleen Hedwig Tjikune said studying medicine was a calling, an all in one bonus as she values education and loves helping people the best way she can and that’s the reason for pursuing a career in that particular field. 

Also known as Chikune or Chiku, the musician doctor said she decided to do music to support her studies.

“Through God’s grace, a great support system and time management is how I managed to do music and medicine at the same time. I have always loved singing as a child. 

I started singing so that I could support myself during my studies and a career was born out of it,” narrated Chikune. She developed a passion for music at the tender age of six when she would sing in church and at home.

“I have been fortunate enough to explore most of my I would not choose a different path but what I would have loved to explore was my visual art skills, always loved to sketch and paint,” said Chikune on paths she would have chosen if not medicine and music.



Chikune was born in a town on the banks of river Khan, 140 kilometres northeast of Swakopmund in the Erongo region, Usakos in the Karibib constituency on 23 February 1992.

She is married and together they have a five-year-old boy, Jonathan. “We call him Jono and he is turning five years old this year, our little beautiful soul. My husband is more of a private person, not that much out and about. He has a construction company and apart from that, he is also a property administrator at a diamond corporation.” 


Did you know?

Chikune is born into a big family, eight siblings in total, consisting of six sisters and two brothers, yet she doesn’t like being in the limelight. “One thing many people might not know about me is that I am extremely uncomfortable with being the centre of attention. I hate it,” she admitted. 



Chikune has a bachelor degree in Medicine and a bachelor degree in Surgery. “I still have to complete my internship to get my General Practitioner license then I can go specialise.” 

She told VIBEZ! she is considering a speciality in Plastic Surgery.

Pros and cons of being chikune

The singer said her favourite part about the Chikune brand is how her supporters always encourage her as they have aided her in who she has become.

“My favourite part is how my fans always encourage me, they help me become fearless. I would be nothing without them,” commented Chikune. “My least favourite is the hateful trolls on social media and the rumours that come with being a successful woman in this industry.”

In terms of the biggest mistakes she has made, Chikune said she can’t think of any at the moment, as she has learnt a lot from them and doesn’t necessarily count them as such.

 “I don’t think I have any this far. I believe all my mistakes have led me down this path and I couldn’t be more content about my life.”


Favourite destination and hobbies

“I had a northern tour in 2019 and it was amazing. The people there are extremely receptive and supportive and that would be my favourite destination,” recalled Chikune.

The simple lady that she is, apart from juggling between motherhood, wife, medical doctor and music, Chikune prefers simple ways when it comes to winding. “I love watching television, listening to and making music.” Occasionally, like everyone else, she indulges in different cuisines and sips on her favourite drink, whiskey.


 Career peak points

“My collaboration with Tanzanian megastar Mbosso and my 2016 AFRIMMA Female Artist of the Year win are my highlights,” stated Chikune.

She added that getting the opportunity to feature Mbosso was a blessing that just landed on her lap, all thanks to Diamond Platnumz who linked them up. 

“I got the chance to chat to him (Diamond Platnumz) and couldn’t pass up the chance to show him my song that I sang in Kiswahili.”

Chikune has received multiple local awards and one international award with a few nominations.

She also took part in various singing competitions, including competing at the World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Los Angeles in the USA where she was named Senior Vocalist of the Year in 2012.

2021-04-16  Paheja Siririka

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