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At home with Michael Ndali Saddam Amushelelo - Michael in his element

2021-03-19  Paheja Siririka

At home with Michael Ndali Saddam Amushelelo - Michael in his element
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He said if there is one thing that has been overlooked about him is his generosity towards humankind, where he gives when he doesn’t have and insists that if you can’t give others while you do not have, do not expect to have a change of heart when you do have.

Michael Ndali Saddam Amushelelo added that he has assisted several individuals to complete their education, sponsored many civic organisations and funded several schools.

“I have empowered several individuals, but the truth is people do not put much focus on the great things you do; they always want to portray you in a negative light because – guess what, negativity sells way much better than positivity, and you can see from the media; it’s always the negative stories that get the most highlights and front-page news. 

It’s never the positive news; as a result, society has become addicted to negativity,” he added.

The entrepreneur

The 30-year-old said he has been an entrepreneur all his life, since his primary schools days, until he finished high school. 

“In grade 12, I didn’t meet the required points needed to go to university, so I started my first informal businesses – one was called Michael Mini Shop, where I sold hot dogs, recharge vouchers, cool drinks and Russians. 

I also started another one called Michael Cleaning Agency; this was all in 2009.” 

In 2010, he was employed as an apprentice brewer at a beverage manufacturing company. He worked there for two years before resigning to pursue a career as a full-time entrepreneur. “Ever since then, I have never looked back”.

“Growing up as a child, I have always yearned for great things in life, and I realised that entrepreneurs lived the life I wanted to live, so it was evident for me that if I was ever going to have great things in life, I would have to be an entrepreneur.”

Amushelelo stated he always wanted freedom in every sense of the word. 

Today, as an entrepreneur, he controls many aspects of his life, which is time and money. Most people have time but no money – and others have money and no time.

“I am privileged to have both – and that is thanks to my entrepreneurial spirit. Life as an entrepreneur, days vary constantly from one to the other; however, typically, my day involves overseeing production, doing the quality check, and providing guidance and leadership to my team, as well as embedding the vision in them.”

Things sometimes get so hectic that he often forgets to eat; due to curfew restrictions, he no longer works late as he used to but he always tries and maximise his productivity.



Amushelelo comes from a big family. “I have six siblings, three brothers and three sisters. 

There are certain things I have learned not to share with the public, especially children, because I always knew that one day I am going to be a very powerful figure in society – and unfortunately, there are certain dangers that come with being one – some people hate you, and that is just how life is.”

So, once he is home after a long and exhausting day, he first checks his dog, plays and then feeds it.

“I would then have dinner, shower and get into bed, depending on how exhausted I am. I will switch on the TV and watch a documentary because I am always hungry for new information and ways of improving my life.”

Needs and desires 

“I have always wanted to be a media personality. I always saw myself being a presenter on TV, because of my great speaking abilities. 

If time one day allows me, I would most probably go study law and become the greatest lawyer this country has ever produced because I am a genius, and my mind processes things faster than an average mind does.”

His love for fast wheels is not to be surpassed, as he can sometimes be seen in his Range Rover or the Mercedes-Benz E63 S. “I love fast cars, so my hobby would certainly be cars. 

I love reading books as well. So, I would say speed and knowledge are my hobbies. 

I mean, sometimes, when I have nothing to do, I would go start my cars just to hear the sound of my V8 engines; there is nothing that sounds more beautiful than the sound of a V8 engine, so trust me, it gets hard to become bored.” 

When it comes to food, he is not that specific, but he is specific when it comes to his drinks.

“Yes, I drink; I think everyone drinks but I, however, do not consume alcohol. 

I have been sober for nine years and it has greatly impacted my life. Ever since I quit drinking alcohol in 2012, I have been more focused on my life goals. My favourite drink at the moment is tea.”


Food for thought

“To master anything in life, you just have to do it constantly; being a master at something is nothing more than repetition. I have been an entrepreneur for over 17 years now, so anyone who does something every single day will eventually become a master it; it’s just a natural process – it’s not even rocket science. So, if you wish to master anything, just do it repeatedly.”



2021-03-19  Paheja Siririka

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