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Home / At home with Monika Ndeshininga Shapwa - Disciplinarian and sporty Monika

At home with Monika Ndeshininga Shapwa - Disciplinarian and sporty Monika

2021-07-16  Paheja Siririka

At home with Monika Ndeshininga Shapwa - Disciplinarian and sporty Monika
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Growing up in Wanaheda, Monika Ndeshininga Shapwa was forced to be responsible and take accountability for her life at an early age, as her father was a truck driver. 

She is forever grateful to have been raised by the whole community.

Also known as Ndeshi or Mo-nice, Shapwa said being raised by many mothers and fathers was a privilege, as they (she and her siblings) were well looked after and that played a pivotal role in her upbringing.

Shapwa is the chairperson of the Namibia Women Football Association, a chairlady of the Girls Football Academy (development football team). She is also an executive member of Tura Magic FC.



“I was born in Walvis Bay on the 30 October 1981 by an Angolan father (late) and a Namibian mother but I grew up in Windhoek.”



“My dad was a disciplinarian and hardcore strict. In his absence, we played football in the streets with the boys and girls. At the time, I was attending Wanaheda Primary School, now Martti Ahtisaari Primary School, as founding pupils.”

She said the school was big on sport and education. They would be in class until 13h00, and required to remain at school for sporting activities that start at 14h00.

 “I took up netball and hockey, but my love was netball – and therefore, I never pursued hockey. I did my high school at A. Shipena Secondary School, where I excelled in both academics and sport, and I received several awards.”

Shapwa represented her school in netball and basketball, and went on to play netball for Tigers Netball Club and Bethlehem Netball Club and basketball, before hanging her up her sports shoes due to knee problems.

“I have always loved football from an early age. I have played it in the street, watched it on our black and white TV. My other father figure, Indies Damaseb, was a Black Africa player, so we would always admire him. My little brother played football; he was supposed to be the next best thing, but he chose another path, which I wish he never did.”


Family and hobbies

Shapwa has 45 siblings and is a wonderful mother to 17-year-old Queen Beyoncé Frieda. She adores her mother, Foibe Shidiwe Haimbala, describe her as a softy, who is overprotective of herself space. 

“I love watching sport, reading and searching the internet. I hardly ever get bored, as I always have something to do. I also make some me-time in my room by just listening to gospel music and having a cup of green tea or sparkling water. I will also just call friends and family randomly, just to find out how they are doing.”

A sip here and there

“I prefer tea with no sugar and I love sparkling water. I normally keep both red and white wines for friends when they come over. I always have a bottle of the Chocolate Block (red wine), but not in the fridge. I keep sparkling water in the fridge for myself, as well as a Rose Sparkling 100% grape juice from Woollies – I love it.”

When it comes to food, Shapwa is a fan of pasta with chicken and olives, with lots of fresh or dry chillies. 

“Once in a while, I love to cook up a storm – seven colour meal with lots of chillies and starch to choose from. I will prepare chicken wings any time of the day at any place; I just love my wings with green salad. Even my eggs are made with chillies.”


Did you know?

Shapwa is a diamond valuator at Namibia’s cutting-edge diamond marketing and sales company with over 19 years of diamond industry experience, ranging from manufacturing, risk and valuation/sorting. 

“I am blessed and privileged to have the type of job that allows me to do what I love outside the office. I can attend meetings anytime when I am not on production.”


Shapwa mantra

“Always believe in yourself – let God lead you. Never take anything for granted; if it is yours, it will locate you. Lastly, grab the opportunities out there; the cake is big to take your piece and run with it. Your dreams are valid; educate yourself.”


2021-07-16  Paheja Siririka

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