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At Home with Neville Basson - Neville Basson beyond the joke

2020-10-23  Paheja Siririka

At Home with Neville Basson - Neville Basson beyond the joke
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With a career overlapping 25 years in the entertainment industry, Neville Basson (49), one of the most coveted comedians and corporate honcho Namibia has to offer, said the best advice he can give to anyone is for them to find their paths.
“Find your path, man man in sy baan (each man in their lane). If you do that, you become the person you always wanted to be. I still get inspired by the ones who came before me but I run my own show, patient race. You do the same,” he shared.
You may know him as a comedian but his eight to five entails being the head of public relations and corporate communications of Trustco Holdings and a morning show host at the holding’s radio station. 
“I have been with Trustco Holdings since 2006; I held the position of head of media, took a sabbatical  few years back to do my own thing and stepped back into the Trustconian family almost five years ago. Trustco is imprinted in my DNA.”

Family and living life
Hands off ladies, the witty humourist is taken – happily married to Inge – and he is a father of four: a daughter, Ayanda, and three sons Imilio, Kanu and Tjijandjeua.
When it comes to living his best life, walking around in his birthday suit would be the ideal thing to do when alone at home.
“Living my best life? That’s my daughter’s favourite line if I drop her off at my mother in Katutura. She hates where we live. Living my best life would be walking around naked at home with nobody in sight. I enjoy doing that when no one is at home.”
The good thing about being Neville, according to him, is he can walk into 067 hanging out spot, Bendehuis or hang out at the Star and be accepted equally at any spot. 

“I’m equally comfortable in any cultural setting. The downside is I can’t pick up a Viagra prescription without being recognised by the pharmacist; that’s disappointing and bad. I have to send in the car guard for cover,” he jestingly said.
The married father of four said his day gets busy as early as 04:00. “Phew, my days are crazy. I am usually up at 04h30 and tackle the 5km run; I do push-ups, sit-ups and then shower.”
His breakfast mainly consists of oats. He then takes the children to school and heads to work. In the midst of all of these, his children are enrolled in different sports and daddy has to divide his time and watch them as they train. 
“I dash off to kids’ soccer and tennis training. I arrive home at 19:30 with my wife reminding me how many things I forgot to handle during the day. I ignore her, watching Trump, then I am off to bed at 23h00,” he explained hysterically.

Did you know?
Neville is an introvert; it takes a lot for him to get out of his corner. It became easier throughout the years, but he has always been extremely shy. Being boisterous was the only way to hide it.

Neville said he didn’t choose this career path; it chose him. “Being drawn to people my whole life has cut me out to step right into what I do. Dealing with stakeholders, clients, doing our daily radio show where I can interact with well over 10 000 viewers daily fills every dream of what I always wanted to do.”
He also told Entertainment Now! if he wasn’t in the craft he is now, he probably would have been a successful actor, born in a different country. “Performing arts is who I am.”

Comedy, MCing and hobbies
Although he doesn’t see himself as the best MC in the country, Neville has seen some of his fellows running circles around him.
“New generation! My humour gets me the gigs; I just can’t be serious on stage. I ask corporates not to rather book me if I can’t be myself. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people rolling in tears. I missed that so much this year during the lockdown. I even wanted to retire last year; I wanted to retire... then Fishrot happened, who is supposed to make fun about it?”
Neville’s life is full of activities that he doesn’t even get a sense of ennui. “I’m 49 years old. I don’t have to lift a finger when I’m bored; I’m at an age where I can sit and stare into the abyss without thinking about nothing! The gym used to occupy me for well over 35 years. Not so much in the mood like I used to during my bodybuilding competitive days.”
Like any father, husband, brother, uncle, cousin and nephew, Neville loves hanging out with his family, especially his immediate. “This lockdown made me appreciate my wife and children even more. Braaing with my siblings or my wife’s siblings is what I like to do most.”

Thirst quencher
In his spare time, the family man prefers a glass of red wine now and then. Occasionally, gin and tonic. “Doctor told me to get off x!oboza (Monis Granada),” he laughed it off.

Befitting tourism ambassador
With the immense love and appreciation he has for his country, Neville, and especially now during the Covid-19 period, has learnt to love it even more. 
“Prices are affordable; the deep south was quite a hit this year. Finally, understanding the phrase ‘suide maak vrede’. But I’m also a defacto anywhere I’m at where I see green and water soothes my soul, and good food going along with it.”

2020-10-23  Paheja Siririka

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