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At Home with - Ockert Branton Jansen

2021-09-24  Paheja Siririka

At Home with - Ockert Branton Jansen
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Getting to know Kamati Kondilo 

People only see what one allows them to see and amongst the many things about Ockert Branton Jansen (37), that’s not known, is that he is a family-oriented individual who deeply cares for children, the less fortunate and those who suffer from certain illnesses.This is a task and a principle he is applying when raising his children- to care for others.


Corporate ladder

Also known as Kamati Kondilo, Ockert is the current Executive: Marketing, Corporate Communication and Client Management Services at the Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA), a task that calls for a lot of stamina and endurance.

“My job is extremely demanding but equally rewarding. On an ordinary day, I would wake up at 04h00 or 05h00 to start my day with a short scripture and then attend to a few emails. I would then be one of the first employees in the office (06h45-07h00). Starting early allows for a head start to the day before the noise kicks in.

His day normally ends around 23h00/00h00, as he thrives working while it’s quiet in the house. “I made a promise to myself that I needed to make an impact in my career and leave a legacy. This is my driving force and helps me be the best version of myself. I told myself that I will never be able to make it in life if I have to compete with others. That is why I have always only competed with the person I was yesterday. Because I can only be better than the person I was before.”

Colourful career changes

“My career started in the broadcasting industry many moons ago, where I use to be part of many prestigious productions at the NBC such as the Sanlam/NBC Music Awards, NAMAs, Whatagwan, Tutaleni, Wizeni and various other major productions.”

In 2014, Ockert was given the role of the broadcaster’s commercial manager for digital migration in which he successfully implemented a national campaign for the uptake of digital decoders, ultimately ensuring that Namibia reaches the deadline for the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Ockert obtained a Masters of Art in International Communication from the American University, Washington, DC. and decided to have a slight career change in which he moved into the marketing and communications terrain, a career he cherishes.

He told VIBEZ! if he wasn’t in the strategic communication field, he would be in a court of law, litigating as he finds it to be an interesting field that allows one to continuously and consistently apply their mind to problems in law and fact.

“There is no rule in life, except our social conditions by society, that requires us to only be one thing or only do one thing. If your interest is in engineering and equally so in music, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy the best of both worlds?”


Daddy’s girls

Ockert is married to Lancy and together they have four daughters: 14-year-old Monique, Ozora who is 10, Akiah aged seven and four-years-old Michaiha.

“Growing up in the township, and not having the luxuries often afforded to the children of the wealthy and working-class, I always yearned for success to be able to make a change in the lives of my children. Although my parents could only afford the necessities, they always ensured we are taken care of.”

Kitchen duties

Ockert has admitted that although he can attempt some simple dishes in his kitchenette, he is not versed in that department.

“I am not very efficient in the kitchen, but I will also not starve. Thanks to my wife, I can enjoy delicious meals without having to suffer in the kitchen. I do assist her here and there in the preparation of meals. This is important in a household.”

He said the way he does chores with Lancy is to be exemplary to their children, especially taking into consideration that children see and emulate. This, he said, makes them realise that stereotypical gender roles defined by society are not present in their home.

Ockert also pointed out that sharing the responsibility will build a stronger bond between him and his wife.

Apart from enjoying his few favourite curry dishes, whether beef or chicken,  Ockert is equally enticed by good and fresh seafood, including but not limited, to  grilled sole, prawns and oysters.

He does consume alcoholic beverages, moderately and in a social setup and  in a responsible manner, that’s why he cautions of the time young people about the time they dedicate to parties.

“Yes, I consume alcohol socially and responsibly. Many young people today are so driven by nice times, parties and alcohol that it takes over their lives. We must remember that we are often busy with work and/or studies from Monday to Friday. This means that the weekends are our only free time. I always ensure that I use this free time optimally and to build my legacy, instead of drinking or partying all weekend and not being able to look back and account for an entire weekend.”


The Ockert proverb

“Perseverance is extremely important. By not giving up, you allow yourself to fight another day. I have mentored many young Namibians and my advice has always been to try and keep trying. If you feel defeated due to the constant rejections, find a way to reset yourself, find someone stable in life that you can share your challenges with and after that, keep trying again.”


2021-09-24  Paheja Siririka

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