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At home with Pastor Michael Curtis Amey - Shy and artsy Pastor Mike

2021-07-30  Paheja Siririka

At home with Pastor Michael Curtis Amey - Shy and artsy Pastor Mike

Apart from being an open book and playing the trombone, Pastor Michael Curtis Amey is a pretty good cook and a shy pastor.

Sometimes referred to as ‘PM’ (Pastor Mike) or ‘Bishop’ by some, his mother calls him ‘Curt Curt’ and his father ‘Beck Berk’, Amey was born 38 years ago in Los Angeles, California. He has been living in Namibia for 10 years now.


Because of the gang violence in Los Angeles, Amey was sheltered by who he could hang with and places he could go. The violence  got so bad and many of his friends didn’t make it past high school.

 “I had a good childhood because both my parents were very much present. My dad worked and my mom stayed home with us. She would drop us off and pick us up from school. There were times I wished I could have walked home or even taken the bus, but that was a non-conversation.”

He told VIBEZ!: “There were a few times my mom would let me ride the bus but she would always be at the bus stop waiting. My dad attended my games, which included American football and I ran the sprints in 100m and 200m. He always made sure I had what I needed to be the best, and on weekends took me to extra training”.

Amey said memorable moments with his folks include eating together as a family and watching TV shows – something he still does to date.

Dreams and aspirations

If not preaching during Sunday sermons, Pastor Mike said his other venture would have been in the architectural field. But fate has decided otherwise, and ministering is a path he has no regrets or issues with.

“I wanted to become an architect/home developer when I was younger, I guess I’m doing that spiritually speaking.”

Family and relaxation

Amey is married to Tanya, a special person in his life. They have known each other since the third grade. “I have three biological children: Michael, who is 12-years-old, Jazmyne (9) and Chloe (4). Plus, I have two bonus daughters whom I consider my own.” 

In his free time and when stressed, watching a good movie will usually lead Amey to study for a sermon.


Now and then, depending on the weather, a sip on some drinks is a necessity and Amey is very specific when it comes to that. 

“Definitely tea with two spoons of sugar. But my favourite drink is Canada Dry Ginger ale or a good Root Beer.”

He added: “My favourite meal is pork ribs with chips, hands down. The second would be fried chicken”.

Holy intervention

“I went on my first mission to Jamaica at age 14 and it was there that God touched me. I’ll never forget emptying my wallet and collecting an offering so that we could bless children with uniforms to go to school.”

Amey said that experience was a defining moment for him.

 “From that moment, I started going yearly to Jamaica and then Brazil and then Ghana and then Namibia a few times. Years later, I moved here full time. We have been on this soil for 10 years.”


“I love movies and TV shows. So if you want to hang out with me, you will be forced to either watch some shows or talk about shows. My wife and I love getting massages and we love to shop together, we can shut a mall down.”

Amey mantra

“Don’t do it, unless you know that you are called to do this work. It can be a lonely journey and comes with many expectations and let-downs. The only reason I continue to do ministry is that I know God called me to it. It’s not about money or status or fame, it’s about him (God).”



2021-07-30  Paheja Siririka

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