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At home with Paulus Shitaleni Shipanga - All about football and family

2021-06-04  Paheja Siririka

At home with Paulus Shitaleni Shipanga - All about football and family
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Former national football team player Paulus Shitaleni Shipanga is philanthropic, forgiving, protective and loves his family.

“I always want to forever help anyone in my path, even if it means I must suffer,” he tells VIBEZ!

Shipanga, born 19 May 1980, is a retired Namibian national football player, who now coaches Namibia Premier Football League outfit Blue Waters Football Club. He also coached Black Africa in the past.

Family man

Also known as Paulo, the Kuisebmond Secondary School alumnus is married to Samantha Juliene Shipanga. They have been together since 2007 and have three children - Paulito, who is 13-years old, Amira 10 and seven-year-old Azahria.

After a long day doing his rounds, all he wants to see is his wife and children. 

“I love spending time with my family and friends in the comfort of my home listening to music, watching my soccer games in my dungeon, and keeping fit by playing social football.”

Every Christmas, Shipanga hands out food packages to the less fortunate communities, old age homes and hospitals.


In most cases, people always have second or backup plans in terms of careers, but Shipanga is where he has always wanted to be. 

“I am right where I need to be - a football coach and businessman, doing charity work and helping others where I can.”

Favourite food and drink

When it comes to matters of the stomach, he loves simple food. If you want to enjoy a meal with Shipanga, it better be something he can eat all day, which is lamb shank, roasted vegetables and mash potatoes, otherwise “pap and vleis (meat)”. 

His favourite beverages include coffee with milk and three sugars.

Football life

“Growing up, I used to play a lot of street football (since I was 10-years old) and it has been my passion. I got a lot of support from my family and friends to further this dream of mine, and started playing for our school team, national team and outside of our country in Malaysia and South Africa.”

Shipanga noted there are particular traits prospective football strikers should take into perspective, and speed is one of them.

“Speed is one of the best weapons of a striker to make it a key trait. It is not just the ability to run fast either but you need confidence without arrogance. Henry Ford (American industrialist, business magnate, and founder of the Ford Motor Company) put it very succinctly ‘If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right ’.”

He added that if a striker thinks they can score, then they will go for it and, often, they score. 

“If they think they cannot do it, then they may pass up the chance or shoot without conviction and miss. Either way, they will be right. Discipline is very important too for a player. Confidence and respect for yourself, the game and those around you as well.”

What annoys him most is people who do not respect others, those who always look down on others because they have “made it” in life. 

He added that there is a time and season for everything and everything happens for a reason.


Shipanga said goals, whether literally or figuratively, should be our driving force. 

“If you want to become a successful footballer, you need to set goals for yourself. When you know how long you want to stay somewhere, you will work day and night to ensure you are on track to reach your goals. 

“However, when you are setting goals, you should be attentive to set realistic ones. When you have realistic goals, then you will have a realistic approach to them.”


2021-06-04  Paheja Siririka

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