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At Home with - Reserved EES shares love for Namibia

2021-08-20  Paheja Siririka

At Home with - Reserved EES shares love for Namibia

Paheja Siririka 

One thing evident about him, apart from flying the Namibian flag very high in the international space and spreading that ‘Nam Flava’ brand, is that EES is a very private individual and hardly flaunts his loved ones on socials.

Born 37 years ago on 5 October, EES is a true Windhoek boy, who has taken it upon himself to do all he can to promote Namibian music to greater heights.


What’s in the name?

“I am Eric Sell. My nickname is “EES”; everybody calls me that, except my family – they call me Eric. EES is an abbreviation for ‘Easy Eric Sell’. So, when people write “Ees” – like this is wrong; it should be all capital letters! So many people get my name wrong; some write ‘Eas’, some ‘eish’, some ‘Ias’ – the list goes on.”


Family and upbringing

“Growing up were my best moments and best time ever. My parents have lots of friends, which means there was always action. Every weekend and even during the week, there were get-togethers, and we used to go camping a lot, so I got to see almost all corners of Namibia from a young age already. So, I know my home country very well.”

He comes from a close-knit family, and is overprotective of his loved ones. 

EES told VIBEZ! he does not like including his personal life in his public life, “so you will never see a picture of my wife or family in any social media posts or newspapers”.

“I have one brother – the best brother in the world, seriously. He is too kind and always has my back, like I have his. We were best friends growing up. We used to listen to the same music; it was all about hip hop and kwaito. Whatever CD I bought, he bought the other one. I can confidently say we had the biggest hip hop collection of CDs in Namibia. Everything from Wu-Tang Clan to DMX, Eminem – even the underground hip hop stuff like Sunz of Man, Gravediggaz.”


Turning a hobby into a job

EES said he has done himself a great favour by turning his hobbies, which consist of making music and business, into a job, and feels like he is not working because he is doing something he loves dearly.

“I made my hobby my job, so it feels like I am busy 24/7. I do get bored, especially when I am not doing anything productive. I love my work so much; I just want to move all the time – and that is everything around my music and entrepreneurship of all my products and the clothing line I have released.”

He noted that the support base for his ‘Nam flava’ products is growing in Germany, as more people are eager to try it that side.



“I don’t drink coffee at all and never have, so I guess I am a tea guy, even though I don’t drink much of it. My fridge is stocked with WUMA (the EES energy drink), not because I drink it excessively, but because I get a certain amount of free WUMA each month for promotion.”

EES has never drank alcohol because he doesn’t like the taste of it, and is a huge fan of non-alcoholic beer. Anything else to drink, would be water.

“Overall, I would say I am a water guy. I buy the most expensive water just because I like the taste – am very picky when it comes to good water.”



EES is crazy about oats, oats milk and oats chocolate drinks. He used to drink lots of milk back in the days and wanted to change that habit a bit to be more eco-friendly, and then discovered oats.

“In my family, I prepare the meals the most – not that I like cooking – but I like to be in control. I take ‘Top Score’ (maize meal) from Namibia every time I fly back to Germany because I am such a big fan. Other than that, I can prepare a mean-ass homemade burger – untouchable, I am telling you.”


Did you know?

EES is married, and has been with his lifelong partner for 21 years. 

“After a long and exhausting day, I want to see my wife. When I come home, I take off my shoes, put on my house pants and look where my wife is to ask her how her day was. Even after 21 years, I am so very much in love with her, and it’s an honour to have this relationship.”


“Some type of pollen a few weeks during the year, and radio that plays bad music. When I listen to a radio station that just plays that total commercial, compatible plastic music, I get very irritated, very quickly, because I LOVE music, and there is soo much good music out there. Just listening to the same music over and over again is very sad, in my opinion.”


2021-08-20  Paheja Siririka

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