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Atlantic III equipping young professionals

2021-07-21  Paheja Siririka

Atlantic III equipping young professionals
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Atlantic III, a Namibian boutique consulting firm, decided to partner with the University of Namibia (Unam) to accord three Namibians with internship opportunities in the business strategy and legal field.

Atlantic III Consulting was founded in 2016 by three partners, who also happen to be brothers. Head of Business is Shiwana Ndeunyema, who is an Unam alumnus in Economics; Head of Legal is Dr Ndjodi Ndeunyema and Unam LLB graduate as well as technical head Pombili Ndeunyema, who was recently appointed as the mining industry patron for the Unam School of Engineering and Built Environment.

“Having been beneficiaries of internships ourselves, we had first-hand experience and appreciation of how much an internship means, especially at the initial stages of one’s career,” shared Shiwana.

He said this is a gateway into the labour market and opens one up to the real world of work – and unlike other internship programmes, Juanri Camm, Okeri Tjipeua and Selma Sandra George will be paid.

“The internship is for three months, following which we may consider one or two of the interns for long-term employment, depending on their performance. The interns will be remunerated at the end of each month,” elaborated Shiwana.

He added that they put together a programme that would offer the interns a unique learning experience that is aligned to the various organisational development projects they are working on. 

“The programme is developed in such a manner that it teaches the interns how to think and apply logic and reason outside of the area of their comfort zones – and in this way, also accelerating skills development beyond the area of their academic craft to become well-rounded and grounded graduates who are ready to solve everyday problems in the marketplace,” he detailed.

Camm (23), a Unam BA in Sociology and Industrial Psychology graduate, will be providing operational support in strategy formulation, support in client engagements and research. It will serve as a platform to develop her knowledge and skills in the field of organisational development.

“Internships are a great platform to network. Networking allows you to gain insight into different fields and markets. It accelerates the pace of your career development, which will provide you with opportunities,” she told Youth Corner.

Tjipeua (21), who is tasked with conducting legal research and analysis of legal documents and processes, said internships are important because they help one gain real-life exposure that is not given via school and that focuses more on practical learning.

“There are limited internship opportunities in the country – and this is resulting in graduates finding it difficult to practise the knowledge they obtained from school since they never had the necessary exposure,” expressed Tjipeua.

He urged students to avail themselves to any opportunity that comes up, even the pro-bono (services that are rendered by a professional for free or at a lower cost) ones because at the end of the day, it involves walking away with valuable experience.



2021-07-21  Paheja Siririka

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