• July 13th, 2020

Back to School bash rakes in over N$17 000

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – The recently held Back to School bash at the Khomasdal Community Hall last Saturday raked in N$17 500.50. The bash was packed with music enthusiasts as they watched their favourite artists performing tirelessly – all in the name of giving back to the community. 

The bash, which had school uniforms as a theme, was initiated by Otjiherero Radio (Omurari FM) presenter Max “T” Tjiundje seven years ago, and aims to raise money for projects related to school activities. The organisers initially focused on buying stationery for less fortunate learners.
“The main idea for the bash has always been to raise money and buy stationery but the theme this year was different. This time around, we are looking at any school that has a soup kitchen catering to learners,” Tjiundje told Entertainment Now!

He said the concentration is now on feeding the learners. “It’s useless to give stationery to hungry school children. So, we decided to change the strategy, since everyone is giving stationery. I grew up like that – I know the hardship; that’s why I am keen on going forward with hosting the bash and providing with my team. This is the little I can do,” he said.

Tjiundje revealed there have been no sponsors on the project since its inception. “There are no sponsors but we are working hand-in-hand with Nice Time Entertainment and Tjuvee Promotion for the promotion and marketing of the bash. And I am calling out prospective sponsors to come on board and assist where they can. I am, however, delighted to work with the artists that have been part of this venture, as they do it voluntarily,” he explained.

He further said corporate companies don’t seem to get the interest of other people. “I’m just a radio presenter at the end of the day. They have the means and can do so much more in giving back to the community. We do submit requests but they always get turned down,” stated Tjiundje.

He said if he can do it for seven years – except last year – why can’t companies do the same? He urged companies to come on board and assist school learners at a young age, instead of waiting for them to excel and start sponsoring them at a later stage. He feels corporates should plough back to the youth much earlier than later. 

“We are doing our part – let’s stop complaining and start somewhere. Whoever wants to assist can join halfway. That way, we can help the government. The next person from this might become a president,” expresses Tjiundje.

Artists who have been on board since the establishment of the bash include King Tee Dee, Kalux, Exit, Sunny Boy, Gazza, and Oviritje artists such the award-winning Mutjanga Ben Muundjua (MBM), Rax Kandjoze, Diop Katuuo, Tjonga Tjongile, and George Nderura.

Sunny Boy, who couldn’t perform as he was unexpectedly caught by a bug before the day, said being part of such a project for this long has been great. “I couldn’t perform as I fell ill but I am happy to hear the bash was a success. I like being part of this because of the energy and excitement of kids going back to school and people coming together to raise money for certain courses,” he told Entertainment Now!
He urged his colleagues in the entertainment industry to join in on such projects. “It’s important for artists to be part of such projects because of the influence we have. When we open our mouths, people listen. The people (learners) we are doing this for have been supporting us, so why not give back in a form of providing some long-term solution,” said Sunny Boy.


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