• June 25th, 2019
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Bank engages Unam’s finance students

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Staff Reporter Windhoek Bank Windhoek’s People Development department engaged with University of Namibia (Unam) final year students majoring in finance and accounting during a two-day career development workshop held at Unam’s main campus in Windhoek last week. The two-day career development workshop, organised by Unam’s Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, took place from Thursday to Friday, and informed graduate students about career options and how to be prepared for the corporate world. ‘Preparing for Life after University’ was the workshop’s theme. “Students discovered strategies for targeting the job market, writing strong resumes and covering letters and interviewing skills. The workshop encouraged them to be vigilant and aware of current affairs within Namibia, South Africa and the world. They also had an opportunity to network with the graduate recruiters, such as Bank Windhoek,” said Lazarus Shinkeva, a lecturer from Unam’s Economics and Management Sciences. Benster Ntesa, from Bank Windhoek’s Human Resources department, spoke to students about the bank’s career and employment opportunities within the bank. He later gave them advice on how to effectively apply for a job and prepare for a job interview. Elten Cloete, Bank Windhoek’s manager for leadership development, informed students on how the corporate world operates. “At university, you often answer to one person – your professor. At work, your superior has to report to someone above them within the structures of the company and same applies to everyone else within the company. Sometimes you are part of an organization with owners and multiple shareholders. They all have a say in how quickly you are able to succeed. Transitioning to the ‘real world’ might be difficult, but developing your communication skills, honing your time management abilities and finding mentors can make it a whole lot easier,” said Cloete. “Any student can apply for Bank Windhoek’s Graduate Development Programme (GDP) and the Candidate Bankers Training Programme (CBT). They are free of charge and form part of Bank Windhoek’s social development and empowerment programmes. Applications can be collected and delivered at any Bank Windhoek branch or agency,” said Ntesa. “There is no one magic solution that will prepare students today for tomorrow’s workforce, but giving them a ‘push’ in the right direction can help. Thank you Bank Windhoek for collaborating with us,” Shinkeva concluded. The workshop was held for the first time this year and will become an annual event.
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2017-08-30 11:58:46 1 years ago

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