• September 30th, 2020

Bank worker arrested for N$250 000 heist

A 25-year-old Standard Bank employee at Onethindi in Oshikoto region is in police custody for allegedly stealing a combined amount of N$250 000 from a teller machine.
Two of his accomplices, including his girlfriend and a taxi driver, both aged 21 were also arrested in connection with the ATM heist, revealed police regional crime investigations coordinator Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua.

 “The first suspect who is employed by the bank as a teller allegedly took, N$170 000 from the teller machine and transferred it electronically, plus a further N$80 000 to a family member’s account,” explained Katjiua, adding N$97 000 of the stolen money was recovered.
The girlfriend and taxi driver were arrested after they were involved in the withdrawing and the transportation of the stolen money. 
“Suspects will appear in Ondangwa magistrate’s court as soon as preliminary investigations have been completed,” said the regional crime coordinator.

Two more cases of robberies were reported in Oshikoto after a woman was robbed of N$7 000 in cash by a taxi driver in the vicinity of Onethindi. 
The victim Eden Tangeni, (42) boarded a taxi from Ondangwa to Onethindi when the driver went off-road in the direction of Chris Junior Private school and grabbed the woman’s bag and pushed her off the vehicle. 

The victim is unable to give police investigators the details of the taxi and its driver.  A second incident, still in the area of Onethindi, a 26-year-old, lost N$3 855 in cash after her handbag was snatched away by an unknown suspect. 
“The incident happened near basic mini-market, while the complainant Niita Erastus was standing next to the road waiting for a taxi when a man approached her from behind with a knife and demanded the handbag. The suspect then ran into a silver Toyota taxi. No recoveries yet and the investigation continues,” explained Katjiua. 

Obrien Simasiku
2020-06-26 09:58:55 | 3 months ago

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