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Basters in historic online leadership vote

2021-04-23  Loide Jason

Basters in historic online leadership vote
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The election of the Kaptein of the Rehoboth Baster community will be conducted through ballot papers and an online voting process tomorrow. 

This was confirmed by Jade Izaks, who is responsible for the registration process of the voters.

The registration facilitator said the election is conducted following the death of John McNab, who passed away on Saturday 3 October 2020. He was 82 years old and served as Kaptein from 1999 when he succeeded Hans Diergaardt.

Izaks said two officials from the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) are conducting training on the voting process and they will also assist in the election process.

Two candidates are contesting the election.

 “So far our targeted registration number for the membership is exceeded by more than 1 000%. We targeted 2 000 people, however, we registered about 9 000 people. That is a success. But we do not know how many people are going to vote,” said Izaks.

He said the registration process has commenced and those who registered have the right to vote.

“After the elections, we will continue with registration as we have done for the past 30 years. We have various voting locations, like Ongwediva, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Henties Bay, Windhoek and Oranjemund. In Rehoboth we will have mobile teams to reach the farming communities, In Rehoboth, our main voting station is the Hermanus van Wyk hall but we will also have mobile points for the old age homes and other areas,” he said.

One of the candidates, businessman Rynault van Wyk said there is a need to administer and execute the customary law of the Rehoboth people and if he wins, he will apply for the traditional recognition for the community.

“We need to restructure our community and land. That will only be possible with the availability of a traditional authority within the community of Rehoboth,” he stated.

The second candidate, retired teacher and historian Jacky Britz said once elected he will make sure that he restores unity, peace and the right of the Rehoboth people.

“There is no much development activities taking place in the Rehoboth area. I will make sure that as Kaptein, I engage our government on development activities that can create jobs for the people,” he said.

He further said lack of development has pushed people to commute to Windhoek for work.

“On the day of the voting, members should come with their registration number and Namibian identity document. We will verify their membership and allow them to vote for their choice of Kaptein.”

Online voting will be conducted on computers in different venues outside Rehoboth and voters will have to verify their vote through a phone call.

The Kaptein is going to work with a council (Kaptein’s Raad) to be elected at a later stage. 


2021-04-23  Loide Jason

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