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Be innovative

2021-06-30  Paheja Siririka

Be innovative
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Paheja Siririka

Young Namibians should invest more in entrepreneurship and be innovative by solving all the current challenges in their community with entrepreneurship solutions.

Nestor Sheimi, the chairperson of the National Youth Council (NYC) Oranjemund Constituency Youth Forum, shared this with Youth Corner recently. He reminded the youth to be aware that they too have expected responsibilities to their societies and they should do their part and contribute where they can. 

Sheimi said this will enable the creation of wealth and allow them to share their solution – not only in Namibia but elsewhere in the world as investors.

“I am encouraging young people to lead more on the issue of public governance; they need to understand how our government functions,” he stated.

Sheimi added there are many available opportunities through the structure of the government but when young people do not understand this structure, they will not know what is expected of them.

He voiced that young people do not know their rights and responsibilities, and they are misplaced, as they tend to rely heavily on other individuals for their growth and wellbeing.

“Young people in Namibia are ignorant and they do not want to define their generational agenda. On one hand, one could also say the government did not strategically pay attention to youth affairs, because there is a big gap in what the leaders say about the youth and what they offer practically. Many young people in Namibia do not even know what NYC is and what it stands for.” 

In the same vein, he sensed neglect of the youth by the government and other relevant stakeholders – and sees the need for prioritisation of the NYC in the various regions.

“At constituency level, the administration of this organisation is not recognised and I think it is because no budget is allocated, no facilities, and committee members work on [a] voluntary basis. Perhaps this needs to be changed completely. The budget should be allocated for the administration of youth affairs at the constituency level.” 

Sheimi proposed that government promotes further access to education to broaden society to have a better understanding and fast track the primitive attitude that limits society to be informed on issues that matter to them.


2021-06-30  Paheja Siririka

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