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Beach killer gets life imprisonment

2019-06-20  Roland Routh

Beach killer gets life imprisonment

WINDHOEK - A 34-year-old resident of Walvis Bay, convicted of murdering his 24-year-old girlfriend at Independence Beach, was sentenced to life imprisonment yesterday by Windhoek High Court Acting Judge Alfred Siboleka.

Jomo Petrus was found guilty of murder with direct intent for killing Louise Ross Shimunu Alupe at Independence Beach in Walvis Bay on November 10, 2014 with a firearm he stole from his uncle, Jason Shali Kasheeta, by Judge Siboleka at the end of May. 

He was further sentenced to two years in jail for theft of a firearm, but this sentence was ordered to run concurrently with the life sentence. According to Judge Siboleka the killing of a defenceless partner in a domestic setting is a very serious offence that attracts a lengthy custodial sentence.

“Society yearns to see a halt on violence against defenceless women by their male partners,” the judge said and continued: “It is the desire of the communities out there that convictees of these crimes should be appropriately punished.”

According to the judge, the argument of the prosecutor, State Advocate Salomon Kanyemba, that life is precious and in this matter is aggravated by the fact that the incident happened in a domestic relationship, has value.

He further reiterated Kanyemba’s sentiments that the protection of defenceless women must not be compromised.

Kanyemba also said although the accused is a first offender, that should not be allowed to dilute the seriousness of the offence, Judge Siboleka said. With regard to the pleas of the defence counsel, Mpokiseng Dube, that the sentence should be blended with mercy, Judge Siboleka said he took into consideration that Petrus asked forgiveness from the family of the deceased as well as his own family.
He further said although the accused is a first offender and showed some remorse, the killing took place in a domestic setting which makes it more aggravating. Judge Siboleka recounted the version of Petrus that he wanted to commit suicide which is why he stole the firearm in the first place, but that the weapon failed to discharge despite several attempts by him. 

He further said that the evidence of Petrus was that suddenly at the beach, while busy tussling for the firearm, it became operational and shots went off, striking the deceased on her forehead, killing her.
“The court rejected this account of evidence as false, and by way of inferential reasoning convicted the accused of the murder of the deceased.”

He further mentioned that Petrus said in mitigation that he accepted the verdict of the court and will abide by the sentence meted out to him. The judge said the testimony of Petrus that if it were not for him going to the residence of the deceased with the pistol, she would still be alive, holds true.

He ordered that the pistol used in the commissioning of the crime be handed back to the rightful owner. 

2019-06-20  Roland Routh

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