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Benefits of yoga are plentiful

2021-05-21  Staff Reporter

Benefits of yoga are plentiful
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When I initially got into yoga, I had no idea how much healing and restoration the practice had to offer. The more I got into a regular yoga and meditation practice, the more time I had to indulge in self-care solitude and self-awareness. Yoga is more than just different poses or folding yourself into different shapes - as amazing as they are, there is so much more to this practice.    


Yoga Philosophy and Benefits 

Yoga is a holistic practice and philosophy that encompasses and integrates mind, body and soul. The benefits of yoga are plentiful, and range from decreased levels of stress, an increase in flexibility, exposure to various relaxation techniques, higher levels of self-awareness and mindfulness. 

Beyond that, yoga philosophy also teaches the importance of peace and oneness, and encourages us to care for and recognise the importance of nature. It teaches us how to live in harmony with others, and how to take care of ourselves through the eight petals of yoga. 


The eight petals of yoga are: 

Yama (connection with the environment), Niyama (connection with the self), Asana (physical postures and poses), Pranayama (breath/energy control and expansion), Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) & Samadhi (enlightenment).


Yoga in Namibia:

Namibians who are interested in or curious about yoga can find out more about teachers, classes and events on

The High Commission of India can also assist in offering more information about yoga, and are known to have offered free yoga classes.

 Beauty Boois is a published  author, registered psychological counsellor and certified yoga instructor. Boois studied yoga and yoga psychology in Kenya and India, respectively, and hosts yoga wellness retreats regularly. Follow Beauty on Instagram and Twitter…@beautyboois

2021-05-21  Staff Reporter

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