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Beyond the mundanity  of things

2021-05-28  Karlos Naimwhaka

Beyond the mundanity  of things
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Everything that has made the world what it is today has mostly been revolving around one thing - education. The education system has been shaping the views, perceptions and even groundbreaking inventions, which have propelled humanity to high technological, psychological and medical breakthroughs.

It is from the sphere of education where some of the best scholars and philosophers have been intrigued to pursue insightful and fundamental quests. It is the soil from which ideas and imaginations sprouted to attract the interest or concern of the masses.

It is also from the same cloth where theological and biblical teachings emanate until such a time when the formal education curriculum, for some reason, began to exclude it. One interesting point in this regard though, is that, in the same sphere, other components of the education system have been evolving. This is visible especially in the technological and medical aspects, where the evolution’s impacts and attributes have been tangible.

The progression of education, for the most part, always starts off with theory and then gradually moves into practice. The most important part of this is that one moves from the point of theoretical imaginations to experiential learning. This also gives one the confidence to speak of and promote or explain everything about the subject of study because they can prove everything they advocate.

Unfortunately, as much good can be said about technological, medical, and psychological breakthroughs, the same cannot be confidently said about the field of theology or religion per se. Instead of it evolving and enhancing the rise of the living consciousness, it evidently does everything that impedes it. Instead of it becoming expansive, it has rather become a limitation to the very matter it meant to actualise. This is enough to say that in the highest realms, the consciousness from which everything we call emanates must be experiencing some blockage. Its progress and flow of its expression has been subjected to man-made regressive and trivial activities. For a religion that was meant to be an entry point into the expansive and encompassing spiritual incalculability has rather only become a massage for euphoric chemical reactions in the brain. 

It has become a platform for promises and a postponement of heaven as relief for present suffering. So, until the day comes when the focus is on empowerment and provision of guidance as well as the tools with which one can journey into their individual spiritual quest to find God, it will be limited to opium for temporary relief and its practice an addiction.  Until it furthers on away from mundane activities and engages the deepest part of one’s soul with practical and tangible aspirations, a beacon of hope only it shall remain and nothing further from it. Of course, hope is better than none, but it too shall be transcended. It too shall only be as the nine months before confinement and not an eternal condemnation. Until such a day when man stops to create God in his image or meddle in the affairs of creation and its mystery, man shall continue to mislead himself into ignorance. Until the day when every man’s relationship with his source needs no middleman, only then can one can start to spiritually be aligned with everything he is naturally supposed to be.  Just as a flower only needing water to bloom, so shall a man be given the environment – not to be raised but to grow into who they were naturally meant to become.  Otherwise, the practice of an activity, only for itself with no greater purpose and progress, becomes nothing than a mundane task.

By Karlos TheGreat


Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka

2021-05-28  Karlos Naimwhaka

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