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Big Brother former housemates from Namibia: Where are they now?

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - For about three months they kept us glued to our television screens in anxiety and agony of missing out on any scandal or drama, but after they left the Big Brother Africa (BBA) house, many of the Namibian contestants have disappeared and left supporters wondering about their whereabouts.

Some have used their instant fame to generate extra income, others have chosen to diminish into extinction with no activities attached to their lives.

The first housemate to represent Namibia in the BBA was Stefan Ludik:
Ludik was a 22-year-old forensic psycho-physiologist when he got on the TV show in 2003. Ludik has appeared in South African Afrikaans-language TV shows, such as ‘Egoli: Place of Gold’, ‘Transito’, and ‘Binnelanders’ 
Currently, Ludik has traded the demanding roles of the entertainment industry for a much more subtle position at Theo’s SuperSpar in Otjiwarongo, as a marketing specialist.
The singer, songwriter, actor, and former cricketer started his new job at the retailer in March this year when they gave him an offer he could not refuse.

Do you remember Jessica Shikeva?
She took part in 2012. After the Big Brother experience, she did not dive into anything entertainment. Jessica is studying towards her Honours degree in Human Resources at the International University of Management and cannot wait to finish. She has been working for the Capricorn Group for five years now. Travelling is her newfound love and says “it opens your mind and makes you see life from a completely different perspective”. She highly recommends people to invest more in travelling.

The next former contestant is not a stranger, especially to the radio industry: Joseph Tuhafeni Ailonga
Popularly known as Jossy Joss, he was in the BBA house in 2011. Jossy Joss still says the house was a great experience but he was used to the limelight already, so it was easy to deal with the attention.  
In 2017, he started a marketing company called Alvi Gordon, which has worked on projects such as localising the KFC brand by using The Dogg (King Tee Dee) for the Streetwise advertising campaign.
Jossy Joss has been making sure your ears are glued to the radio as the Station Manager of Radio Energy100FM, the biggest youth radio station in the country since 2012. He will, unfortunately, be bidding farewell to the station on June 30, 2019. 

Jossy Joss is the Chairperson of the Editor’s Forum of Namibia since 2015. He is involved in many projects, including shows like the Summer House Festival. 
He hinted to Entertainment Now! that he will be launching a new radio project soon, which will be a first for Namibia, and perhaps in the world as well.

Lady May has rebranded to Lady May Africa. That is now her new stage name and she is a full-time gospel artist. She took part in the BBA Season 7 in 2012. The bubbly and enigmatic Lady May Africa told Entertainment Now! her experience was amazing and she loved the whole BBA experience. 
Lady May Africa is currently in the studio working on her first gospel album, which will be released soon.
Another Namibian BBA contestant that was dearly loved was Luis Munana
He was in BBA Season 9 in 2014. His first experience after getting out of the house was overwhelming. It was concerning at first because of the public’s perception. He expected progress and growth to happen fast for him because of the newfound fame of being known not only in Namibia but also across the whole continent. He figured he would make money fast. 

Model and television producer, Munana was expecting to be booked and flying in and out of the country at a fast pace plus getting endorsement deals left, right and centre. That was not the case, as that is not how life works. Munana moved to Tanzania after BBA because that is where he had a huge fan base, especially in countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. 

Munana is now focused on his project Waka Waka Moo, which is Namibia’s first animated kid TV show. Having completed the first season last year, the crew is busy with season two. The show has been licensed on several platforms outside Namibia. He is also working hard to get the show in more African countries.
Munana has given attention and much focus to his writing, filming and directing skills. He has realised that media is where the heart lies, specifically regarding production. Munana has embarked on another project called Waka Pre-School 

Dillish Mathews was BBA Season 8 The Chase winner in 2013. This made her the first Namibian to win the BBA continental reality show. When contacted by Entertainment Now! on what it felt like getting out of the house, she said it was pure bliss. 

She was welcomed with warm hugs and support from various people around the world. Mathews is a jack of all trades, music, acting, endorsements, and investments of her own. Mathews said she is investing a lot of time and energy on a lifelong dream. She promised to share this dream as soon as she is able to.
Other noticeable BBA housemates that have represented Namibia are Meryl Shikwambane, Maria Nepembe, Permithias Owoseb, Junia Cloete, Lucille Naobes, Rene Moolman and twin brothers Erastus and Edward Moongo. 

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    Vaino Tuhafeni Hangula

    A lot could also have been written about Maria Nepembe. She is also as successful as the rest. She even had her own TV show in Ghana, and she’s an entrepreneur, model, presenter and philanthropist.

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