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Birdy in hot soup over hate speech …as Dj Ambizzy takes legal action

2021-04-19  Aletta Shikololo

Birdy in hot soup over hate speech …as Dj Ambizzy takes legal action
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Businessman and music promoter Desmond ‘Birdy’ Shipanga has found himself in hot soup over his comments that insinuate hatred against people living with albinism.

The commotion started after Dj Ambizzy called out Shipanga for not paying money owed to Asserdeep for apparently performing at the local chilling spot ‘Garden Inn’ last weekend.

Shipanga responded to the Instagram post saying, “I don’t talk to albinos” and further commented that God made Dj Ambizzy albino because he is “abnormal”.

In an interview with VIBEZ! Dj Ambizzy expressed his disappointment, saying what Shipanga said is discriminatory and hurtful.

“I have been dealing with this kind of hatred and discrimination my whole life but sometimes it gets to me emotionally. God created me the way I am and I have no control over my condition,” he said, adding that he will take legal action against Shipanga.

Dj Ambizzy further added that being discriminated against for his skin colour is ‘too personal’ to him and other people living with albinism in the world.

“I am not only taking this step for me but for other people who have been stigmatised and discriminated against because of albinism,” he noted.

Although Shipanga issued an apology on social media, Dj Ambizzy said the statement does not convince him and he should have thought properly before spreading hatred.

In the statement, Shipanga said, “ I have taken time to reflect on my comments and the responsibility that I hold in making sure that my speech is not violent or discriminatory. Upon this reflection, I have to make it clear that there is no excuse for that kind of hate speech or any form of hate speech which promotes stigma and discrimination against mostly marginalised groups or people.”

Speaking to VIBEZ! local artist Chris Wayne who is also living with albinism said people need to create more awareness and fight hatred against people with the same skin condition.

“We are also people like everybody else and do not deserve to be treated like that. He ‘Shipanga’ should be hold accountably,” he said.


2021-04-19  Aletta Shikololo

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