• August 11th, 2020

Bishop Madigari

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- The top trending clip, which is a must-watch is that of Bishop Madigari featuring  Munda Kanyonga In a clip titled Police and Crooks. Kanyonga anchors social issues intending to use semiotics on current affairs.

The main aim of the clips is to dig deeper into stories behind the story of national interest. In the clip, he starts with News Beyond Our Bars. “Lazarus Shaduka is planning in suing the government to pay back his stolen money but what I don’t understand here is that the government did not steal Shaduka’s money,” said Kanyonga in a Facebook video clip.

The clip has garnered more than 6000 views since it was uploaded earlier this month.

What Kanyonga states are that the prison officer stole Shaduka’s money. With the feedback from the courts alleging that Shaduka’s money must be paid back, Kanyonga wonders why the taxpayers’ money must be used to pay back money stolen by a prison officer.

Check out the video clip on Facebook under the name Bishop Madigari Police and Crooks.

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2019-08-23 08:59:57 | 11 months ago

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