• July 17th, 2019
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Black Boy, masterpiece artist?

Ocrhain Sampaya Windhoek-Young energetic, vibrant and ambitious upcoming artist, Fortune Poniso, aka Black Boy, is on an unstoppable mission destined to change the game of the music industry. Hailing from the Zambezi region, Black Boy says his definition in the music industry is not money or fame, but the love of the game. His career started at the age of seven, so it is little wonder that he has grown to music. “As a young boy, I would listen and imitate international rappers like Eminem. I grew up with an ambition for music.” Black Boy released his first single (NAME OF THE SINGLE) in 2006, which dominated the airwaves on the Namibia national broadcaster, NBC Silozi Service. “It was not a common product, but a product of sweat and perseverance. I wanted to give the people a taste of what comes from hard work. I’m a gold miner and I’m allergic to bronze.” Namibia’s kwaito masters Gazza, The Dogg, Exit and Young T’s unsurprising elevation have inspired him. “Namibia is full of talent and it’s our duty to appreciate that talent. I’m a masterpiece of these local artists, their style has blended my lyrics and way of approach in music,” he says. The young artist recently dropped his debut album, ‘Emergency’, featuring artists such as Kapili Kapish from Zambia, S.I.S, DJ Vuyo, Mark Jay, Jah, Kalux, Flex, and Orga Family from Zambia. “I couldn’t believe the massive interest I got from my fellow artists. They were there at the time of need; everybody delivered. That’s why I named it ‘Emergency’, because it was done on an emergency but still it was successful. This surely shows how much they value their talents.” He is planning to drop another single by the start of next year. “People must understand me, I live music and for that I can’t stop giving them my life.” ‘Emergency’ is already available on the market, at Mr Music outlet, and it officially launches on December 15.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-10 10:43:27 1 years ago

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