• April 24th, 2019
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Black tie style


The tuxedo Black tie is a dress code for glamorous social events, which take place in the evening such as award shows. Men are advised to wear tuxedos, a black tux is the classic choice and a white tuxedo is another timeless option that looks amazing with black trousers. For the trendy man, experiment with different colours for your tuxedo such as navy blue, charcoal or maroon. Jacket lapels There are basically three types of lapels that you can find on a suit. A casual or dinner jacket will usually have a notch lapel, which is not suitable for a black tie event. Peak lapels are the traditional choice for official occasions, they have been worn by men for centuries. Another preference for formal events is the shawl lapel which is distinguished by its rounded edges. Shirt and tie You can never go wrong with a classic white dress shirt that is made with quality fabric, it is an ideal combination with any tuxedo. Black tie dress code means that you should wear a bow tie with your suit. Here are a few simple guidelines for selecting the perfect bow tie: if your face is small, choose a small bow tie and vice versa; buy a wide bow tie for a wide face and a long bow tie for a long neck. Tailored fit A tuxedo will only look fabulous when it is tailored properly to fit your body. Bundles of fabric at the ankles or sleeves sticking out of the jacket is a huge fashion blunder. It is worth investing in hiring a tailor to taper and fix your tuxedo before attending a red carpet event, there will be photographers and you want to dazzle in your pictures. Accessories Your selection of accessories can make a noticeable different to your ensemble. Patent leather dress shoes that are narrow round-toed and well-polished are essential for black tie style. Coordinate the texture and colour of your bow tie with your suit or mix it up. It’s better not to mix gold with silver jewellery and to match your cufflinks to your watch design. www.beautyndapanda.com Sources: In Style Magazine, Silkhaar Blog.
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