• February 24th, 2020

Bleeding-hearted BoN employees help desperate girl

WINDHOEK - Employees of Bank of Namibia (BoN), through their Eagle Outreach Committee donated N$4 900 towards the up keep of a girl who has a rare condition of a protruding tongue.
The donation was handed over to the little girl’s mother Emiliana Shisaande last week.

Reserve bank employees were represented by three of their colleagues who visited Shisaande and her daughter, Emilia Paulus, at the impoverished Mix settlement north of Windhoek. The employees also donated second-hand clothes to Shisaande, her daughter and community members who were given an opportunity to pick clothes they wanted from the boxes the employees brought. 

New Era recently reported that Paulus’ condition improved and can now talk after visiting Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Africa, where she got an injection. According to Paulus’ mother, this injection lasts three years in the body. However, Paulus and her mother have been unable to return to South Africa for a follow up. 

BoN employees Theo Nerongo, Amanda Links and Othilie Kazondanga then enquired how they could assist the mother and daughter to return to South Africa for a follow-up. The employees gave the mother N$2000 and kept the remaining amount while waiting on the mother to enquire information regarding her matter from the hospital.  During a visit   to Windhoek Central Hospital by the mother this week, the nurses at children wards informed Shisaande that the doctor who treated Paulus is on leave.

Upon return from leave, the doctor will check on Paulus and also enquire from the South African hospital on the way forward and only then will be known what to do next.


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2019-07-30 06:27:43 | 6 months ago

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