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BONA 2027 committees to present budgets soon…Manuel appointed new spokesperson

2022-08-17  Otniel Hembapu

BONA 2027 committees to present budgets soon…Manuel appointed new spokesperson

The working committee of Namibia and Botswana’s joint bid for the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) will soon present revised budgets to their governments, which will entail the projected costs of facilities, consultancies, lobbying and secretariat costs, amongst other things.

Namibia and Botswana have undertaken to jointly host the 36th edition of the Afcon in 2027 and have dubbed their joint bid as ‘BONA 2027’, a moniker that also contains the first two letters of both countries’ names. 

The various working committees of BONA 2027 met in Johannesburg, South Africa, last week for their second face-to-face meeting, where it was decided that four football luminaries from Botswana and Namibia will be appointed as the bid’s ambassadors. 

It was also decided that Namibia’s newly-appointed sports director Jo-Ann Manuel becomes the new BONA 2027 spokesperson for the country. 

The role of the soon-to-be-unveiled BONA 2027 ambassadors is to amongst others, assist with raising awareness on the bid, communicate the positive social change and legacy the 2027 Afcon will leave in Botswana and Namibia, share and promote Afcon values, assist in the lobbying process and for those with the requisite skills as well as conduct coaching and/or training in selected countries around the continent as part of the bid legacy.

The Johannesburg meeting considered and approved a revised budget for the bid, which covers all essential areas, such as facilities audit, consultancies, lobbying and secretariat costs. 

It was further resolved that the working committees should in the coming weeks present the budget to the two governments through their respective sports ministries. 

The gathering also adjudicated some tenders for services that would facilitate Namibia and Botswana to deliver a compelling bid. 

BONA 2027 vice chairperson, Namibia’s John Muinjo reiterated the importance of the two countries to continue working hand in glove to ensure that their bid is well refined and speaks to the values and principles of where Caf wants to take African football. 

“The number of countries that have and continue to express interest in wanting to host the Afcon in 2027 is growing and the level of competition Namibia and Botswana is facing is no longer in doubt. Therefore, there is a need for BONA 2027 working committees to continue to put their best feet forward,” said Muinjo. 

Namibia and Botswana have never hosted the Afcon competition, but the two countries boast sufficient experience in staging and organising major events. Between them, they previously hosted, amongst others, the U/17 African Football Championships in 1997, Women’s Football Championships in 2014, African Youth Games in 2014 and the Netball World Youth Cup in 2017. 

The Namibia and Botswana joint bid is the first bid of its kind in the southern African region in respect of the Afcon competition.


2022-08-17  Otniel Hembapu

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