• June 20th, 2019
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Bradley soars to amazing heights with three new albums


Donna Collins ‘Falsetto King’ Bradley Anthony is on a roll this year. And having entered three albums into the 2018 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) which he released last October, he is hoping to sweep the judges off their feet to top his last year’s ‘Best Afrikaans’ and ‘Best Kizomba’ awards. Bradley was the first Namibian to nab most nominations, eight. The list includes Best Newcomer of the Year, Best Male Artist of the Year, Best Afrikaans, Best Gospel, Best Kizomba, Best R&B, Most Socially Responsible Artist and Best Live Performance. Bradley says all three albums were launched on the same night last October, and because they each represent something different, he has entered for Best R&B, Best collaboration with Lady May, Best House, and best Kwasa Kwasa categories. This is the second year he has entered the NAMAS. All three albums were written by Bradley and recorded with his producer Joe Kay at “falsetto king productions” in-house studio, and printed at GPV studio in Windhoek with art work created by himself. He has collaborated with a host of local musicians and vocalists, including mentor Lize Ehlers. The albums Everlasting love - Gospel (12 track), Hot love - House/jazz (13 track) and BWOY (Be worthy of yourself) R&B (12 tracks), are all a collection of Bradley’s best written pieces of music, and deserve a place on everyone’s favourite play list. With his roots in Gospel and choir singing from a young age, there is also a strong R&B influence with a hint of Motown e in Bradley’s tender songs, as he soars to high notes, and soothes you with comforting lyrics and soulful ballads. He also steps it up a notch with Kwaito, some Afrikaans and current Afro Pop beats that get your foot tapping and fingers clicking. Bradley tells that his messages of love threading itself throughout his music is inspired by his love of God, which is why he makes Gospel albums and music in the first place - to share the gift that he has been given with his audience. “The love I am singing about has a deeper message and meaning, especially on the BWOY album - it’s about love for your family, the church, and the love for what you do in everyday life,” says he. Furthermore, he will be entering his two Gospel albums - Everlasting Love and Love for Christ into the Namibian Gospel Music Awards (AGOMA). “This year I want to focus on producing a good music video, as I have worked hard at releasing five albums in two years, which is very costly,” adds the ever busy Bradley, doing what he loves to do, as well as performing live at corporate gigs. In addition he does some modeling for ‘Temptations’ boutique on the side, and is dressed to ‘kill’ every time he steps onto the stage, which includes sporting a large music note tattooed on the side of his neck as a dedication to his passion. He also offers vocal training when he isn’t recording and putting the final touches to his range of songs. Bradley has been a Song Night ambassador and for the past few years, has worked closely with Lize to help inspire upcoming singers. Asked if he had a chance to go abroad and see any artist perform live, he said without hesitation “Christina Aguilera”. Now who can argue with that?
New Era Reporter
2018-02-09 11:38:36 1 years ago

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