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Bulky vessel lifted out of sea at Walvis

2020-03-11  Eveline de Klerk

Bulky vessel lifted out of sea at Walvis
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WALVIS BAY – The Far Sleipner vessel that mostly operates in Angolan waters became the heaviest vessel ever to be docked and lifted out of water by Namdock.

Namdock specialises in ship repair and marine and industrial engineering and was previously known as Elgin Brown Hamer.
The vessel is currently docked at Namdock 3, which has the capacity to lift 80 tons per square metre from the water. 

It displaces about 83.3 tons per square metre and is stationed on 423 blocks mounted underneath the vessel on Namdock 3.
The humongous vessel itself is 142.6 metres in length with a displacement weight of about 11 300 tonnes and can accommodate about 130 people.

Namdock’s marketing manager Quinton Simon on Friday said that it took meticulous planning to ensure its successful docking.
He explained that they submerge the dock, whereby water tank systems are filled with water when the dock is submerged. 

“When the vessel is in the dock, we line her with blocks placed under the hull with the assistance of divers. As soon as the divers give us the all clear, we raise the dock by pumping water from all tank systems. We then continue to lift the platform until it is in position,” he informed New Era.

The vessel will be stationed on the dock for about 21 days and will be alongside the dock for another 12 days to complete all repairs required.

2020-03-11  Eveline de Klerk

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