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Burglars steal computers from Swapo office

2021-09-09  Nuusita Ashipala

Burglars steal computers from Swapo office

The ruling party leadership in the Oshana region has opened a case against unknown thieves, who allegedly stole three computers in recent weeks.

The stolen computers are that of the regional coordinator, office administrator and the secretary for the youth league.

The incident was confirmed by Swapo Oshana coordinator Samuel Nelongo. 

To this end, no suspect has been arrested, and investigations continue.

In addition to the computers, a kettle and power cables were also stolen from the office.

Nelongo said the thieves allegedly entered the office through the window of the office administrator and damaged a door to gain access to the rest of the office.

“They broke the window of the administrator’s office, forced the door open and got access to the regional coordinator’s office and that of the youth league secretary,” he said.

The burglary is strange because the thieves only took computers, leaving other essential electronics such as printers and radio.

He said this is the third time that the office was broken into.

At another incident, the burglars allegedly took a large sum of money.

He said the office of the secretary general has already been informed of the burglary.

Nelongo said the regional executive committee is expected to discuss how to improve the security of the office to curb further burglaries.

2021-09-09  Nuusita Ashipala

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