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Businesswoman robbed of N$32 500

2021-08-10  Nuusita Ashipala

Businesswoman robbed of N$32 500

A businesswoman at Oshakati was robbed of goods worth N$66 000, including cash of N$32 500 on Sunday evening.

The alleged incident happened at Okakukanangula village at 20h30.

Police spokesperson in Oshana Thomas Aiyambo said the victim was approached by two men, who were armed with a panga and knife.

The two suspects allegedly took her to the bedroom, where three other suspects, armed with pistols, were waiting.

The suspects allegedly demanded for cash and her pistol.

“She gave them cash – N$32 500 – and her pistol.  The suspect also took valuable items as well as two pairs of car keys,” said Aiyambo.

The suspects locked the complainant and her family members in the house and disappeared.

One of the suspects is known by the complainant’s sister.

No suspect has been arrested and no goods have been recovered.

Meanwhile, a 62-year-old pensioner was robbed of N$4 000 on Saturday at an Oshakati taxi rank for travellers to Okalongo.

The suspect, who is not known, allegedly grabbed the victim’s handbag while she was seated in the taxi and fled.

Aiyambo is urging public members to work with the police in identifying and rooting out the fugitives who are stealing from the elders and business personalities in the region.

“Let’s join hands to face them head on to stop such evil in our society,” said Aiyambo.

In a heroic deed, a taxi driver handed over two suspects he had suspected of being involved in dubious activities.

According to Aiyambo, the taxi driver picked up the two men at Oshoopala informal settlement near the Oshakati Premier Electric premises.

When the alleged suspects stopped the taxi, they had two bags with them.

Instead of driving to their destination, the taxi driver drove to the Oshakati police station and reported the incident to the police.

Upon police interrogation, the suspects could not provide ownership of the 20 water meters they had in the two bags.

“Upon interviewing the suspects, they couldn’t provide prove of ownership, which indicates clearly that the suspects stole the water meters,” said Aiyambo.

The public is urged to come to the Oshakati police station with their water meter numbers for possible identification. 

Investigations into the matter continue.


2021-08-10  Nuusita Ashipala

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