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‘Buy Local’ campaign aims for self-sustaining economy

2021-09-28  Maihapa Ndjavera

‘Buy Local’ campaign aims for self-sustaining economy
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Trade minister Lucia Iipumbu yesterday said the main goal of the Buy Namibia campaign is to create a thriving local economy by maximising the potential of local businesses and increasing their market share. Most importantly, the trade minister said, is to create an environment for Namibia to develop into a self-sustaining economy.

Iipumbu made these remarks during an event yesterday to present activities for phase two of the Buy Local, Grow Namibia Campaign. 

“This campaign is crucial in ensuring that our local businesses are part and parcel of our nation’s economic recovery plan from the Covid-19 pandemic. The private sector has played an important role in mobilising Namibian consumers to buy local, as well as driving the promotion of the production of quality local products and services, especially during the first phase. This partnership has enabled Namibians to advance their own economically sustainable future by promoting the use of local products and services,” she stated.

The event was a continuation of activities following the launch of phase two of the campaign which transpired on 18 May 2021 in Rundu.

Some of the activities expected to take place during the second phase include capacity building workshops, a focus on creative industries, the informal sector and the tourism sector, among others.

The minister noted the campaign further aims to help Namibian businesses to understand various standards and requirements to shelve their products in local retail shops while promoting their products and services and encouraged Namibians to support their community by buying locally.

Phase one of the Buy Local campaign focused primarily on local retailers to stock Namibia made products while encouraging people to take pride in consuming what is produced here both in terms of goods and services.

Iipumbu said the impact of the pandemic has resulted in valuable lessons that are critical for Namibia to be self-sufficient in case of a shortage of imported products due to global calamities such as Covid-19.

“We have all witnessed the devastation caused by the pandemic both individually but more so to our businesses, which ultimately resulted in the decline of our economic activities and loss of income and jobs. Let us, therefore, take pride in supporting our local businesses including our MSMEs who have over the years faced stumbling blocks in accessing the markets for their products,” she urged. 

The trade minister added that Namibia’s domestic market is dominated by foreign imports and that the local producers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs find it difficult to access retail shelf space for a variety of reasons. Some of the challenges relate to quality standards, access to finance and distribution channels to name a few.

2021-09-28  Maihapa Ndjavera

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