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Campaign to vaccinate 65 000 in Zambezi

2021-11-01  Staff Reporter

Campaign to vaccinate 65 000 in Zambezi
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Marythar Kambinda

KATIMA MULILO - The ‘Get Vaccinated, Help Kick Covid-19 out of Namibia’ national campaign roadshow kicked off in Zambezi on Wednesday last week, with a target of vaccinating 65 000 people within the region by December.

The roadshow is a joint collaboration between the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

Deputy Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism Heather Sibungo encouraged residents within the town to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves and those close to them.

“We do not know what another wave will bring or how drastic it might be but being vaccinated will save so many lives including those of your children.”

She further encouraged business people within the region to get vaccinated, as it would benefit the country.

He added most banks including the African bank will not invest in the country in future, because it is a risk if most people are not vaccinated.

This will mean that it will not be business as usual if there is no money coming into the country. Traders will not be able to travel to countries such as Zambia if they are not vaccinated, she added.

People have been getting immunisations for diseases such as tetanus and measles but yet want to refer to Covid-19 vaccines as the mark of the beast “666”, which is false information. Other countries have stopped wearing masks in public because the majority of the populations have been vaccinated, said Sibungo.

She warned those who spread false information about Covid-19 or the vaccines to stop doing so, as they are discouraging others and the law would deal with them for spreading false information.

Katima Mulilo mayor Lister Shamalaza echoed the same sentiments and encouraged residents to ensure that they get vaccinated, noting that it would be the right choice to make.

One of the ‘Get vaccinated, Help Kick Covid-19 out of Namibia’ national campaign’s ambassadors DJ Vuyo, did not only grace the event with his musical hits but quizzed residents on their knowledge about Covid-19 and encouraged those who have not received the vaccine to join him in getting vaccinated.

DJ Vuyo was about to get his second dose.

Kick off… Covid vaccination campaign ambassador DJ Vuyo.

Photos: Dephny Simasiku

2021-11-01  Staff Reporter

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