• December 1st, 2020

Cattle production takes six percent dip

WINDHOEK - A 6.48 percent decrease year-on-year was witnessed in the total production of cattle during January to September, according to Meat Board statistics. Production decreased from 384 544 in 2017 to 359 248 in 2018.

The Meat Board’s Meat Chronicle report indicates that a decrease in the availability of marketable cattle resulted in higher beef prices as abattoirs try to attract more slaughter animals. The decline in total marketing was driven by decreased activity across all market segments.

“Due to lower throughput, one of the export abattoirs, Brukarros Meat Processors, closed during the third quarter. This downward spiral was averted when a new export abattoir, Beefcor, was approved by the Meat Board of Namibia during the same period. Smaller numbers of cattle continue to be slaughtered by Meatco’s mobile slaughter units in the northern communal areas where 74 farmers marketed a combined total of 1 200 cattle thus far,” the report stated.

Furthermore, a total of 21 498 cattle were declared to the Meat Board by the registered B & C class abattoirs in 2018. Based on the hide purchases, however, it is estimated that 40 851 cattle were slaughtered at the B & C class abattoirs.

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2018-11-27 10:51:20 | 2 years ago

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