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CEO OF YOUR CAREER with Ipupa Fadeyi - The desire to grow

2022-08-18  Staff Reporter

CEO OF YOUR CAREER with Ipupa Fadeyi - The desire to grow

How to advance one’s career is a question that the majority of young professionals ask their mentors. This mentorship guide is based on the progression of my professional and personal growth. 

As a young professional, recognise that you are the CEO of your career right from the start. Learn the techniques of career management and apply the principles to your professional development. It takes understanding and skills to plan your career methodologically and to know which skills will get you ahead in the workplace. You might be thinking that the future of work is fluid and doesn’t require planning. On the contrary, even digital nomads pay attention to how to navigate their careers. 


Have a written plan

Focus on your personal development and transformation. Keep in mind that contemplating your professional trajectory alone will not help you advance. Propose in your heart where you want to be, create an effective and robust personal growth plan and act on it. Once the mind is shown a visual depiction of what you want to become, it begins to actively think in that direction. I firmly believe in keeping a journal and having a documented vision.

Pay attention to the selection of your words. Choosing to be positive and optimistic about your future is beneficial and essential to the success of your goals. It builds confidence and improves your inner strength. Avoid limiting and negative words. Your words are a reflection of your reality that shapes your future. Therefore, cultivate a culture to speak words that are in line with your vision and who you want to become. 


Sharpen your soft skills 

As CEO of your career, read widely on the current and future soft skills. Soft skills can benefit you in every area of your life. Most importantly, learn the skills necessary for today’s hybrid digital workplace such as digital communication, self-management, how to stand out in a digital world, ability to network and bond effectively with colleagues in a digital setting. 

Geographical location is no longer a limitation to lead, and those who embrace this reality, increase their employability skills.


Don’t appear to be ‘boujee’

Harness your social skills by developing a positive mindset and overcome your fears. Don’t appear to be boujee. Showing genuine interest in people opens up more opportunities for career advancement. 

Offer sincere compliments and support to your colleagues. You can’t operate within your purpose for yourself. As an emerging leader, develop a high sense of self-awareness. This is one of the healthiest ways to building relationships and a network that could open doors for you in the future. It is said that you should dig a well way before you need the water! 


*Ipupa Fadeyi is a personal and career growth mentor and founder of IpupaK Grow You Mentorship. 

2022-08-18  Staff Reporter

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