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Change is coming with new academy

2021-02-26  Strauss Lunyangwe

Change is coming with new academy
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Still spreading her wings in the entertainment industry, Julia Kadhikwa (28) is set to open an academy called Olive Entertainment Academy.

The Bosslady, as she is known, told Entertainment Now! that it will be a place of stimulation for young, talented individuals who want to make a difference in their lives through various fields in the media, entertainment and business industries. “We guide Namibians to become leaders in their respective fields, to manifest positive social change and to be part of the emerging culture in the country. Namibia has a rich cultural diversity ready to be shared with the rest of the world, but for that to be possible, there is a need for eloquent young people to tell the story of Namibia to the world,” she pointed out.

The founder of the academy said corporates do not see being an artist as a career, a narrative she would like to change with her academy. “There is no education attached to entertainment for example in America and SA most of them went to music school from the age of five. Here it’s taken as a hobby that’s how I came up with the idea where you can study and understand the business side of it and sharpen your skills at the same time.” 

The academy will also teach aspiring artists to capitalise on their talent so that they can know how to make money and harness it. She feels there is still a great need to educate the arts sector.

The classes will start in June with courses such as acting, public speaking, tv presenting, radio training, DJ’s and models just to mention a few. The courses will be for three months because of limited spaces available so that they can schedule the next intake. Meanwhile, they are waiting for accreditation from the NTA while finalising everything with their consultant.“The dream is to start as an academy and hopefully, on a long term plan turn it into a university of arts. Why do we have a whole ministry of arts in the first place if arts was not something very serious? Arts is a career, people need to take it very seriously because if you can study for it you will be able to earn the same respect just like a doctor.”

She further pressed that politicians use arts at their campaigns and rallies instead of turning to other professions. “Arts play a major role just as much as other professions, but with the right education we will be more aware of what type of role it plays in society. Change is coming, knowledge is power, our talents will behave differently because education is key, ” she concluded.

Apart from hosting lavish shows and bringing celebrities from other countries over the years, the well-connected booking agent and publicist said her most notable achievement was getting the deputy minister of ICT Emma Inamutila Theofelus on Forbes Africa magazine in January. 


2021-02-26  Strauss Lunyangwe

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