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Cheeze to let it all out

2022-05-20  Strauss Lunyangwe

Cheeze to let it all out

Radio comeback kid Azeal Matsoarelle, better known as ‘Cheeze’, will be hosting a one-man comedy show about himself, titled ‘Tell All’ in September. 

“It’s straight from the horse’s mouth; from my truths and perspective. After this, I am done talking about my personal life and my future endeavours,” he told VIBEZ!

Cheeze said the show was borne out of the frustration of always hearing about his achievements and failures that he had achieved or lost. 

It will centre around his personal life, including his marriage, those who he has crossed paths with, and his journey in the radio industry. 

“I practically grew up in the entertainment business. I was 25 when my professional career took off. Everyone has their perceptions about the man that the entertainment industry has produced. My life should be a blueprint for all the younger ones coming through. Keeping the personal life apart from the professional one is a skill not many are aware of or can master. So, my life has always been entertainment.”   He pointed out that he will be getting very personal and lay it all bare. 

“From childhood trauma to a bout with severe depression, and from health scares to finding love and happiness again. From winning to losing close friends and a parent in a space of two years. Also, my victory in protecting my mental health at all costs,” revealed Cheeze. The radio heavyweight will also touch on the new term he coined: ‘From fat Zyla to sexy Zyla’, specifically about his weight loss. Zyla is his other nickname.

“I started banting about six years ago after my doctor’s advice on my weight. I started running and I have not looked back ever since. My body transformation in four years is close to impossible for some. On the night, I will be giving examples of being able to quit, but I didn’t.”  He admitted that he is very comfortable with the truth coming out, and is owning it, so no one will be able to use it against him. 

“On further revelations, well, all I can say is it’s for my friends and fans to come hear it for themselves. It’s going to be pure and raw. No under 18s or over 60s welcome. This is a pre-independence baby growing up in an independent Namibia. Best or worst of both worlds. Vloek, gaan ek vloek and vent, I will vent with as much respect as possible.” This midlife autobiography will be held in September with possible up-and-coming comics to grace the stage. 

“This is my midlife autobiography and my reputation is on the line, but the urge to speak my truth is too overwhelming to ignore. The next chapter of my journey I will share on my 60th b’day again, so part two will be then,” he concluded. 


2022-05-20  Strauss Lunyangwe

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