• June 5th, 2020

Chief Mayuni has nothing but praise for government

WINDHOEK - Leader of the Mashi Traditional Authority, Chief Joseph Tembwe Mayuni, has sung praises for the government, but just coming short of telling his subjects to vote for President Geingob this November.
Mayuni, addressing his subjects during the 15th Tulikonge Annual Cultural Festival at Choi village in the Zambezi Region over the weekend, said Geingob declared 2019 as the year of accountability and to give effect to his words, the President travelled all over the country to meet his people.
He was referring to the town hall meetings held recently in all 14 regions.

“It is obvious that the Namibian people made a good choice when they elected him as the State President. I call upon all leaders to embrace the example of His Excellency by being accountable in their duties so that our people can have trust in the government,” Mayuni said before urging his subjects to exercise their democratic right to elect tried and tested leaders of their choice.

The tribal chief took the opportunity to thank government for increasing social grants, saying that it shows it cares for its elderly citizens.

“I call upon young people to also support their parents financially and not to leave the burden of taking care of the elderly to the government,” he said, cautioning social grant beneficiaries to reframe from gambling and using the grant on alcohol as it is counter-productive.

Furthermore, Mayuni called upon government to invest resources for the development of indigenous languages as alternatives to Silozi.

“The development of Chifwe language and other indigenous languages as well as its propagation into the formal education system will entrench pride in the local tongue, foster learning and contribute to the ideals of nation building,” he said, adding that above all, it will also prevent the extinction of the language.
The tribal chief says he is aware that there is a proposal to introduce Swahili in the country’s schools, a proposal he described as well founded in Pan-Africanism and good for continental integration.
However, he said local languages should achieve equal chance of development.

Additionally, Mayuni also raised concern over the management of some conservancies in his area of jurisdiction, saying some have become cash cows for corrupt administrators.

“Such management deprives the community of the benefit of its natural resources and must be stopped upon detention,” he said. 

“The importance of conservancies in supporting traditional authorities in whose area of jurisdiction they are located cannot be overemphasised,” he added.

Tulikonge cultural festival is the most important event on the calendar of the Mashi Traditional Authority, where they celebrate the re-establishment of their traditional authority that has brought in a new era of self-determination and actualisation. 

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa
2019-09-12 07:38:03 | 8 months ago

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