• June 18th, 2019
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Chief Mbambo survives tribal coup attempt


John Muyamba Rundu-The committee of members of the Hambukushu tribe established to dethrone Hambukushu chief Erwin Mbambo for an avalanche of alleged transgressions, has withdrawn from its mission to oust the chief but the committee is mum on why it made a dramatic U-turn to remove Mbambo. What makes the committee’s change of heart more intriguing is that it seems they had genuine grounds to oust the chief who continues to split public opinion among the people he leads – and considering Hambukushu chiefs were previously removed on lesser tribal transgressions. Elifas Dingara, the chairperson of the disbanded committee, could not respond on their sudden change of heart. On January 17 the committee wrote a letter to Fumu Mbambo, titled “Unconditional withdrawal of the dismissal letter dated 24 December 2017 and the attached report,” to apologise for their act a few days after they (the committee) had a meeting with the fumu on January 13. “This letter serves to inform you that our letter of 24 December 2017 addressed to you, titled, ‘Dismissal from the position of Fumu’, yourself, and the report which was attached thereto have been unconditionally withdrawn today the 17th January 2018,” said the letter addressed to Mbambo. The letter further said all reasons which were raised verbally or in writing in support of the committee regarding dismissal, including any letter(s) and any other communications including all media statements made in this regard, were also unconditionally withdrawn. “The fact-finding and dismissal committee of Erwin Munika Mbambo has also been dissolved and dismantled with immediate effect. This means as of now, 17 January 2018 and after signing this letter, the fact-finding and dismissal committee of Fumu Erwin Munika Mbambo, all letters and all reports, don’t exist anymore,” said the letter signed by the disbanded committee chairperson Dingara. “We apologize unconditionally to you and any person involved in this matter, physically or psychologically, for any inconvenience caused. The committee expresses its unreserved regrets in this matter. Once again we wish you well in all your endeavours,” the letter continued. New Era spoke to the Hambukushu senior headman and Mbambo’s right-hand man Erwin Disho but he could not divulge more information as to what transpired in the meeting between the committee and the fumu at the Hambukushu royal palace. “At the moment I can’t say anything as we are waiting for the self-proclaimed committee to go to the media and apologise to the fumu as well as the subjects that they misled, and after that then we can say our part,” Disho said.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-22 09:51:20 1 years ago

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