• April 25th, 2019
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Children’s storybook on SDGs launched

Alvine Kapitako

WINDHOEK - The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) yesterday launched a storybook titled ‘Frieda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ to make the SDGs and the message of sustainability resonate with children as young as three years old. 

The target audience for the book is children who are three to eleven years old. 
The book, which is an initiative of UNIC, will be translated into Namibian languages over a two-year period. It is currently being translated into the United Nations languages. Additionally, the book will be distributed to all schools across Namibia. 
“The message of Frieda is universal and she is taking the world by storm,” said Welda Mouton, the Unic Windhoek public information assistant. 

Frieda and the Sustainable Development Goals is a valuable tool for teachers to prepare Namibian children to take action for their future, said Anthea Basson, the Unic Windhoek head. 
“Frieda’s story is meant to capture the imagination of children and encourage them to bring about positive change starting from when they are small,” added Basson. 

Also speaking at that occasion, the World Food Programme country director, Bali Mankay Sankoh, said storytelling is about engagement, using the power of words to create empathy, loyalty and aspiration. 
“By telling stories based on solid evidence, we can win over hearts and minds and encourage grassroot level engagement in pursuit of internationally agreed standards and norms,” said Sankoh.  

The book provides a comprehensive list of issues for children to promote achievement of each of the 17 SDGs. 
“Great solutions for the world’s challenges can come from anywhere, even children. With the indispensable support of teachers and parents, the character Frieda addresses meaningful ways to transform three critical areas: ending poverty, helping society and preserving the environment,” said Sankoh.

He said the book aims to inform and provoke peer discussion of the 2030 agenda, which will take the SDGs process forward. 

“Frieda can be seen as an education advocate who is trying to look for innovative ways to teach her peers and to develop global awareness in them. She strongly believes that all of them must work hard in order to have a better world. She is very interested in developing creativity and social skills since those will be vital characteristics for them in the future,” added Sankoh. 

The director for programmes and quality assurance in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Edda Bohn, said at the same occasion that education sets the foundation for the SDGs. 

“Without quality education, it will be as hard to achieve decent work in the long term, economic growth or responsible consumption and production,” said Bohn. After the launch, Sankoh and Mouton read ‘Frieda and the Sustainable Development Goals’ to the children who attended the launch.

Alvine Kapitako
2018-08-31 09:08:20 7 months ago

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