• June 6th, 2020

Chubby Beats ventures into the water business

WINDHOEK - Toto Ndameshimebetter, known as Chubby Beats, is diversifying his brand by launching Chubby Water in December.

The ‘Druk Dai Number’ hitmaker told Entertainment Now! that their water is going to be one of the purest water brands on the market. Safe pure drinking water for healthy hydration which comes from the southern parts of Namibia and it is 100% a local product. “Chubby Water will be available to the market from Sunday, 1 December 2019. Mainly because looking at the micro and macro-economic factors in this industry, we are operating in, festive season because it’s the ideal peak time as shopping centres are filled with consumers,’’ he explained.

He informed this reporter that Chubby Water will be available at some of Namibia’s leading retailers, service station and local entertainment places. Also, this will provide full market coverage throughout Namibia.
On the music front, he said all is well. “I’ve recently dropped three singles, ‘Inamutongandje’, ‘Ondahala’ ft Jay K Nakaye, Bobby W.V.D.K and Inokwena Vali. And videos are out too on YouTube and on television. I am busy working on my second album, ‘My Crown’ that will be dropping on the 25 December. Furthermore, it has been a great adventure and challenge in regards to managing both the business aspect and my music career,” he said.

 Chubby feels that there is a market for his product. Water is essential for every human being, so there will always be a market for mineral water. Shoppers are always interested in new products.  

Lastly, he emphasized that the brand name is an iconoclastic name, which means the brand name is Chubby Water but the product will not make you fat. He ended off by thanking the public for showing interest in his new venture. “I would like to thank the public at large for being responsive to the idea and for embracing the Chubby brand.”
For more information, follow Chubby Beats on Facebook and Instagram.


Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-09-27 10:51:50 | 8 months ago

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