• October 20th, 2020

CIF calls for more consultation on NEEEB

The Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) has called for further opportunity for stakeholders to be engaged and give feedback on the latest draft of the Namibian Equitable Economic Empowerment Bill (NEEEB). The CIF, as the voice of the Namibian construction industry, made this call amidst speculation that there will be no further public consultations and scope to engage with authorities regarding the so-called Final Draft of NEEEB. 

The CIF believes that tabling the bill in the Namibian parliament is inevitable and is now considered by some as a matter of urgency. In a media statement sent on Friday, the CIF opined that the timing of tabling the bill is most unfavourable considering the economic state Namibia finds itself in. 

In principle, CIF urges politicians and leaders to rethink current policies to fight poverty and achieve a more equitable social-economic environment, as there might be alternatives or best practices to achieve the same. However, reads the statement, this could be best explored when extensive research has taken place. 

The CIF noted it has extensively engaged its members in 2016 and had made a detailed submission – as other organisations did – to the Office of the Prime Minister – and believes that lawmakers and the public must remain engaged to establish how best to address poverty and inequality in Namibia. 

“With the revised NEEEB – which is understood to be already approved by the Namibian Cabinet and now with the legal drafters – and possibly to be tabled soon in the Namibian National Assembly, it is indeed very important to consider the pros and cons of the changed NEEEB; the anticipated timing of implementation – and, in particular, the suitability of NEEEB to achieve the objectives, especially if one were to consider the current global environment Namibia finds itself in,” the CIF statement concluded.  

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2020-07-13 09:30:53 | 3 months ago

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