• August 18th, 2019
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City Police cop tells opposition councillors to get facts right

WINDHOEK – A senior officer in the Windhoek City Police yesterday said he was disturbed by “malicious” attacks against his person by three opposition City of Windhoek councillors who implied he joined the force dubiously through being connected to one of the Swapo councillors.

Superintendent Eliaser Iyambo presented New Era with multiple qualifications, including an LLB law honours degree from Cavendish University in Zambia, a degree in policing and forensic investigation as well as a certificate in management. 
At a press conference last week, the three opposition councillors Joseph Kauandenge (Nudo), Ignatius Semba (PDM) and Brunhilde Cornelius (RDP) availed a list of 11 names of City Police officers they alleged were related to ruling party Swapo councillors.

The 11 allegedly did not meet the basic requirements to occupy such jobs, the opposition representatives claimed. 
They said the list of unqualified people in the City Police will form part of the motion of no confidence to be tabled before the management committee when council resumes later this month. 

They claimed that some of the people on the list are directly linked to former management committee chairperson Matthew Amadhila, councillors Fransina Kahungu and Matrid Ukeva, as well as incumbent chairperson Agatha Iyambo Ashilelo. 
Iyambo, who appeared on the list, refuted the allegations against him and produced documents of his appointment date as well as qualifications dating back to before being appointed in his current position. 

Iyambo joined City Police in 2006 as an assistant superintendent and was later appointed to the position of superintendent in 2015, six years after obtaining a degree in policing and forensic investigation which is what was required for his current position. 

“I’m not related to any councillor in the City of Windhoek,” said a visibly peeved Iyambo, whom the opposition claimed was related to councillor Agatha Iyambo Ashilelo. 

 “I’m Ngandjela and she is Kwambi, how can we be related?” stressed Iyambo. He further remarked that the opposition councillors have malicious intentions to tarnish his reputation. 

“They were supposed to verify the facts. They have access to the HR (human resources) office. They should have requested to go through my files before coming up with those allegations,” added Iyambo. 
Contacted for comment yesterday, Kauandenge said they followed up on the allegations presented to them by “disgruntled members within the City of Windhoek”. 

“We are busy with verifications on how true that is. We did not start this from nowhere. The mere fact that two of the councillors confirmed to be related to some of the people on the list gives our list credibility. That list’s authenticity is not questionable,” said Kauandenge. 

He added that it is “difficult to verify” the veracity of all the allegations presented to them because the “HR official” might not be forthcoming. 


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