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City Police Traffic Tips: Follow the rules and stay safe on our roads

2022-06-23  Staff Reporter

City Police Traffic Tips: Follow the rules and stay safe on our roads
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City Police Community Policing Officer


Road accidents in Namibia continue to be the cause of residents losing their health and life. 

Windhoek residents, in particular, are at risk of being run over by a speeding vehicle, or a driver under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances. 

Statistically, the number of injuries and deaths on Namibian roads are due to accidents mainly caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol or drivers being distracted. 

The City Police is thus urging all drivers to at all times abide by the rules of the road and ensure they do not operate a vehicle while under the influence of prohibited or controlled substances.

Statistics collected by the Windhoek City Police indicate that for the past three months to date, a total number of 606 accidents were recorded. 

This translates to about 50 accidents every month. 

Of this number, 111 of these were alcohol-related crashes. 

 Within three months alone, 13 fatalities were recorded – and out of these seven were pedestrians who lost their lives.   

There are accidents on our roads every day, and many accidents are a result of drivers’ attitudes. 

Gross negligence and bad behaviour are among the daily causes of crashes amongst road users. 

An accident is always the last thing on every person’s mind, and no one ever thinks it will happen to them. 

Changing driver attitudes entails being extra careful on the roads and employing defensive driving. 

This means a driver has to constantly be aware of negligent and reckless drivers and always consider how to avoid a potential accident. 

The key is to always be patient on the roads.

Despite several deterrents, City Police consistently engages in campaigns aimed at educating and creating awareness about road accident prevention as well as the effects of alcohol and speeding, which remain the leading cause of accidents and fatalities. 

Traffic rules and regulations are in place for the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike; hence, it is important to follow them. 

These rules are meant for the driver and pedestrians’ utmost safety while on the roads. 

 Let us obey traffic rules, as accidents can be avoided.

When on the road, follow these driving tips:

Do not drink and drive. Alcohol impairs your driving ability. The alcohol limit in Namibia remains at 0.37/1000mm.

Always ensure you (driver) and your passengers wear their seat belts. 

Always ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and is road-fit.

Obey speed limits, road rules and regulations.

Avoid distractions while driving. Prepare your devices before you embark on your trip.

Maintain a proper safe following distance.

Focus on the road and pay special attention to pedestrians, particularly children.

Never overload.

Use your indicators to signal a turn or a lane change. 


*For any assistance on crime and traffic-related issues, do not hesitate to call the City Police call centre:  061-302 302/2902239 or SMS: 4444 

2022-06-23  Staff Reporter

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