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City receives new ambulances

2021-06-09  Emmency Nuukala

City receives new ambulances
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Deputy urban and rural minister Natalia /Goagoses, yesterday handed over two ambulances to deputy mayor Clemencia Hanases for the City of Windhoek risk management department.

The donation is the ministry’s commitment to local authorities, in terms of implementing the Local Authorities Fire Brigade Services Act, which mandates them to subsidise fire brigades and other emergency services in order to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of emergency services in all local authorities countrywide. 

Reading mayor Job Amupanda’s speech, Hanases said, “The new ambulances are a substantial addition to the current ageing fleet of nine ambulances and will aid in rendering more efficient emergency medical response services.” 

Seven of the nine have exceeded 200 000 kilometres and this is due to the financial constraints experienced, forcing the city to sweat out its assets beyond sustainable capacity. 

The ministry gave N$6 million, of which N$1.8 million was used to procure the two ambulances for the City of Windhoek. 

“The remaining amount will be used to procure medical training equipment for students and a 6x6 fire engine for the Oniipa Town Council,” said the chief of emergency and disaster risk management, Raymond Kapiya, who attended the event.

For the past seven years, the ministry of urban development has been capacitating local authorities through the Capacity Development Programme for Local Authorities’ Emergency Services, which has benefited 57 local authorities. 

To date, about N$256 million have been used to procure fire engines, ambulances and construction of fire stations for various local authorities.

2021-06-09  Emmency Nuukala

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