• July 5th, 2020

City registers informal settlement homeowners

The City of Windhoek has started the process of registering heads of households residing in the informal settlements for the purpose of issuing acknowledgement of occupation notices. 

Last year the Windhoek City Council approved the development and upgrading policy as a guide for the management, formalisation and upgrading of informal settlements in and around the city. 
Mayor Fransina Kahungu said during a media briefing on Tuesday that the action is a response in their mission to enhance the quality of life of all the people in the city by rendering efficient and effective municipal services. 

According to Kahungu, the council resolved last month that all informal structures should be registered and owners issued with formal acknowledgment of occupation notices. 

She said the Mayoral Action Plan for 2020 set a target of 20 000 certificates to be issued by June. Kahungu said the acknowledgment of occupation would be issued in the form of a certificate and associated lease agreement to household heads occupying habitable areas. 

Kahungu explained that unsuitable areas include steep slopes, riverbeds, servitudes, road reserves and land set aside for other purpose in line with the Windhoek Town Planning Scheme, among others.
– sikela@nepc.com.na

Selma Ikela
2020-03-12 07:09:47 | 3 months ago

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